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• Are you part of a sports team or better yet are your kids in sports Chances are if you said yes to either of these you have fundraised in one form or another at some point. • Fundraising is such an integral part of being part of a sports team. Oftentimes teams are in need of new uniforms equipment and have to pay for their travel expenses. T • hat being said traditional fundraisers are a thing of the past. We have created a list of 10 easy and effective fundraising ideas for any sports team big or small. • 1.Food Fair Difficulty: medium Popularity: ♥♥♥ Outcome:

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 If you are looking to fundraise for your sports team try a food fair. Gather up all team parents and create a menu or write down a list of different food booths.  You can either all pitch in and have a set menu for your fair or you can group up and tackle booths separately. Running a food fair will require planning and shopping.  Once you have your menu set make sure to promote your event on social media such as Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Invite all your friends family and neighbors in support of your food fair.  This is a great option and it is also a way of providing a product in return for donations to your cause.  Everyone will leave happy and full knowing they helped support something greater than themselves. The only downfall the clean up afterwards.  2.Sports Ball Painting Difficulty: low Popularity: ♥♥♥ Outcome:

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• His idea is super cute and super DIY . This is a great option for anyone who is creative and loves to make their own crafts. • You can either purchase various sports balls for sale or have your supporters donate sports balls for your DIY event. • You will need to have a couple of tables set up and have lots of paints and crafts to add and decorate to your sports balls. • This is a great option to have everyone participate as well as being able to take something back home. Charge an entry fee and possibly have sports balls for sale. • You would be surprised all the cute inventions you can create with regular sports balls some of our favorites are purses backpacks and home decor. The possibilities are endless. • 3.Athletic Shoe Drive Fundraiser Difficulty: low Popularity: ♥♥♥ Outcome:

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• 4.Raffle Difficulty: medium Popularity: ♥♥ Outcome: • Throwing a raffle is a no brainer. It is such a great way of raising money and you have fun doing it too. • Hosting a raffle will definitely need to be part of another event. What is great about this option is that you can basically do it anywhere and anytime. • You can even have a raffle in unison with another fundraiser listed as well. Make all your sports team parents go out and buy 1 to 2 items to raffle out. Invite lots of people At your event sell tickets to get in on the prize. • Before you know it you’ll end up with lots of cash and lost of happy people with their new items. This is a great and easy way that the team can all come together and get out more than what they put in.

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5.Sports Competition AKA Battle of the Teams Difficulty: low Popularity: ♥♥ Outcome:  Everyone loves a little friendly competition right Well why not invite your rival team to a face-off This option can truly be a great one if done right. Invite your rival team to play a friendly game.  You can charge parents and supporters a fee to watch/participate. In order to take it to the next level sell food and drinks like hamburgers hot dogs and refreshments at the game for purchase.  Before you know it both teams raised funds and everyone leave happy and satisfied knowing that you accomplished this goal together.

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6.Breakfast/ Pancake Sale Difficulty: medium Popularity: ♥♥♥ Outcome:  Host a breakfast sale. You can arrange for this to happen at either a parents home or local park or community center.  For this fundraiser you will obviously need a few people to gather up supplies and groceries.  Have a set menu or make it a potluck style amongst the parents of the team. Promote promote promote  Use the power of social media to help spread the word of your breakfast sale.  This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t mind getting down and dirty with the pancake mix that is.  This is a great for any team and you can involve the entire community to help support your cause while starting the day off right nutritiously

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 7.Bikeathon Difficulty: medium Popularity: ♥♥ Outcome:  Organizing a bikeathon will take some work. You will definitely need a few weeks of planning in advance. You also have to promote your event and make sure you have all the necessary equipment and permits. Running a bikeathon can be a really great experience while having a little friendly competition. You can charge for an entry fee and sell snacks and refreshments for your participants and supporters to purchase to make that extra cash. This is a great way of raising funds in a healthy way. You can make this into a day long event and invite music performers or food vendors to maximize your audience’s participation in the event.

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 8.Restaurant Night Difficulty: medium Popularity: ♥♥ Outcome:  Hosting a restaurant night can be a great option for fundraising especially if everyone in your immediate sports community participates and gets involved.  You will need to find a local restaurant that offers fundraising options.  If you have a favorite restaurant talk to the manager and ask if a portion of the proceeds for the night can go towards your sports team. You would be surprised how effective this option is.  In just one night you can raise hundreds of dollars for your team. The only drawback is actually getting people to participate and purchase enough food or drinks to make a sizeable donation towards your cause.

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9.Rent an Athlete for a Day Difficulty: medium Popularity: ♥♥ Outcome: • This option is sort of a silly one. Yet it can still help you raise funds to reach your goal. Offer your services to your friends family and neighbors. • You can charge an hourly rate to rent you for your services. For example: 20 an hour. You can offer services like running errands baby-sitting watering or mowing the lawn yard cleanup helping with moving and just about anything else you can think of. • Not only are you providing a service in return for a donation you are also helping others and doing good while feeling good about yourself earning funds for your team.

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 10. Runathon Difficulty: medium Popularity: ♥ Outcome:  Similar to the bikeathon a runathon will involve lots of planning and promotion. You will need to find a group of committed supporters as well.  You will need to promote your event and make a list of all the necessities to get the show going. Charge an entry fee for people to participate.  You can also make additional income by selling water refreshments and food for your guests. After the Runathon is over count up all the money you’ve earned in a free fun and environmentally sustainable way.

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