Roman Houses

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Roman Houses:

Roman Houses Daniel Lee Latin 1 McCartney

Vestibulum-Entrance Hallway:

Vestibulum -Entrance Hallway This place is found as soon as you walk into a Roman home. It is the entrance hallway into the actual building.


Taberna -Shops Taberna were rooms in the house that would surround the atrium that were used as shops. They had entrances into the shop from the outside and had no way into the actual home.

Atrium-Living room:

Atrium-Living room The atrium or the living room was usually placed in the center of the home. It is usually the one that is furnished the most. They sometime has holes in the roof called implurium that collected water from the outside.

Cubiculum-Small Bedroom:

Cubiculum-Small Bedroom The cubiculum usually surrounded the atrium and they were the bedrooms that the Romans slept in. Being a small compact room its only purpose was to be a sleeping area.


Culina -Kitchen The kitchen of the Roman home was connected to the atrium by an ala “wings” which were openings that connected that kitchen and the atrium. The purpose of the kitchen was of course to cook food that the Roman family ate.

Triclinium-Dining Room :

Triclinium -Dining Room The triclinium was where the Romans dine. The “tri” standing for three, usually three people could fit in one couch and ate while reclining on their left side. There were also slaves who would serve food or entertain the diners.

Tablinum-Office or Study:

Tablinum -Office or Study The tablinum was usually between the atrium and the peristylium in a Roman home. This place was used as a study for the head of the family.

Peristylium-Colonnaded Walkway:

Peristylium -Colonnaded Walkway The peristylium is a walkway that surrounded the garden. It usually has columns that supported the roof that made also surrounded the garden. This place was used to walk around the garden.

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