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Action Adventure Conventions:

Action Adventure Conventions Protagonist and Antagonist Pyrotechnics Chase Exotic location Fight Weapons

Protagonist and Antagonist:

Protagonist and Antagonist In every action adventure film there is a protagonist and antagonist. There will normally be confrontation and a disagreement between the two. The protagonist is normally the main character and the antagonist will create conflict for the protagonist. For example in Batman he is the stereotypical protagonist( brave, strong) and the joker is the antagonist who creates a conflict by causing crime in Gotham.


Pyrotechnics There is always pyrotechnics to cause action and excitement for the audience. Fire and explosives have connotations of danger, this makes the audience frightened or amazed. For example in fast and furious, a well known action adventure, there are many explosives causing more action. Like in this shot of the car driving through the fire. Without the fire it would have been an average dull shot. They have put pyrotechnics into the trailer to make it more thrilling.


Chase There is always a chase between the protagonists and antagonists. In the picture you can see the antagonist is in a black car as black has connotations of evil. There is a chase to keep the audience entertained and add more action to the film. Fast and Furious also put a car chase between the protagonist and antagonist in the trailer but only fast paced shots so not too much is given away.

Exotic Location:

Exotic Location Exotic location are set to set the scene and make the film seem better than every day life. By making it exotic it makes the production look more professional. In Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow is on the exotic island to show he is lost. It gives the audience a sense of escapism, as they can get away from their normal life and get involved in the film.


Fights There will always be a fight between the protagonist and antagonist. This fight is normally built up throughout the film then near the end they will fight. This is great entertainment for the audience and either ends the conflict and causes more. In 300 there is a war to end the film and conflict, you can see who's is the protagonist due to the bright clothing and the antagonists are wearing black and dull colours.

Weapons :

Weapons Weapons are included to make a character more powerful, in 300 they have many weapons to show what era they are fighting in. It is also clear that he is the protagonist and is a leader and he is in frame and in front of his army. You can tell by the blood and the exaggeration in red that the film is gory and full of action.

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