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Dakota Durrego-Mealey Introduction EDSC 304 :

Dakota Durrego-Mealey Introduction EDSC 304

About Me:

About Me My name is Dakota Charlotte Durrego-Mealey I am a 23 year old, political science major. I am pursuing my teaching credential in social science. I work three different jobs: Barista, waitress and promotions. I was apart of CSUF Moot Court team and won 3 rd orator in the region.

3 Tips for Online Classes:

3 Tips for Online Classes 1. Time management - This is a skill that is key to a successful outcome for online courses. In my opinion it requires more time than a regular class because there is no one to directly answer your questions. I will ensure that I create a calendar each week and designate certain times to this class. 2. Organization - I believe being an organized person will help me complete this course. I am not the most organized person by nature, however I want this course to train me to do so. I think it is important that I keep track of all my deadlines so there no confusion in due dates. Also, saving any projects or discussions in a folder labeled EDSC 304. 3 . Self Motivation - The good old self reliability! A skill to complete this class successful is being able to hold yourself accountable and work independently. Online courses do not include the in class experience, so there is no one there to push you but yourself. I hold myself to a very high standard, so if I continue to have that attitude then I will pass this course.

21st Century Skills:

21 st Century Skills Learning and Innovative Skills : An essential piece of being successful is using cavity, communication and critical thinking in a social science class. I can do this through various forms of discussions, projects and self reflective pieces. ITSE Standard: The area I need most improvement in is the ability to utilize technology in a classroom. I am not the most tech savvy person which, is an obstacle I most overcome to be a successful teacher in the 21 st century. I have some ideas on how to use technology to make a class on government be more exciting. For example, having kids film presidential ads or web conferences with current political figures(local/national) .

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