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By: melissa23 (153 month(s) ago)

Hello, Great powerpoint ... Love the animation and sounds . LOL!

By: robertstom (153 month(s) ago)

Nice Presentation ! The colour sceme works well only problem for me was the writing was a bit hard to read

By: Yasmina (153 month(s) ago)

i like the colours and the expirences. the writing is a bit small

By: mehline06 (153 month(s) ago)

really good but i cant really see the writing you might have to make it bigger

By: beckii14 (153 month(s) ago)

i think it is very good apart form the pictures are a little small

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Welcome To Red Letter Days!!!!!! : 

Welcome To Red Letter Days!!!!!! Daisy Hussey

Home! : 

Home! Welcome to red letter days! The experiences that you will be looking at on this selection are water sports and fun activities. You can chose which countries that you want to visit and what you will be doing there so enjoy!

Contact us! : 

Contact us! To contact us ring this number…. (02380)567945 To speak to head of department ask for ….. Head of department!

Experiences! : 

Experiences! Wake boarding Surfing Windsurfing Sailing Scuba-diving Water skiing *This Christmas*

Prices! : 

Prices! We offer two packages which are economy, exclusive. Economy: £100-£200 Exclusive: £500-£1000

Exclusive Experiences! : 

Exclusive Experiences! Wake boarding Surfing (out of Europe) Diving (out of Europe) Water skiing ( out of Europe) Sailing around your choice of countries

About us! : 

About us! This red letter days experiences we are here to give you cheap fun activities holidays and to make you want to buy from us again. You can chose where you go, when you go and what your going there for. But we specialise in Surfing as we can book many destinations. We also can book your flits, fairies, Euro tunnel and coach journeys. So you can sit back and enjoy your holiday!

Wake-boarding : 

Wake-boarding You can go wake boarding in lot of cool and hot destinations…. Hawaii Australia Paris America UK Italy France Spain

Wind surfing : 

Wind surfing We offer two packages remember economy and exclusive so you can go to, to choices of place…. Economy: UK France Spain America Australia

Surfing : 

Surfing If you like the good old British sea then you can go surfing in….. Devon Cornwall But then there is the choice for going to a nice hot country…. Australia Hawaii

Diving! : 

Diving! Out of Europe: Hawaii Australia Any reefs Other…. (if you chose other please contact us to ask if we can book the one that you would like to visit.

Water skiing : 

Water skiing You can go wake skiing in lots of cool and hot destinations some being…… Paris UK- Devon, Cornwall and other destinations. Australia America Hawaii *special* You can chose a famous lake around the Globe to go and water ski

Sailing : 

Sailing The coolest thing about this choice you can chose were and when you go, stay. You have these choices you can go to….. UK( Cornwall, Devon) In Europe( Italy, Spain, France) Australia

Mountain Hiking : 

Mountain Hiking This is a breath taking experience. So don’t miss out book now. You will have the amazing choice of which famous mountain it is that you hike. This sadly is not appropriate for children.

Snow Rafting : 

Snow Rafting We have a special offer on at the moment you have the chance to go on an amazing adventure of winter sports. When you go snow rafting you will have the time of your life as this activity is for family’s to do together.

Booking : 

Booking One way Return Flights only Hotel only Flights + hotel Car hire To From Depart Return Adult Child Infant (Only under 2 years)

Ice skating : 

Ice skating You can chose which amazing ice rinks you would like to visit and were you stay. You can go to amazing outdoors ice rinks that look like frozen up lakes or you can go to indoor ice rinks which you can also watch the hockey games on.

This Christmas!!!! : 

This Christmas!!!! This Christmas we are giving you the opportunity to go on experiences that we don’t normally advertise but this is our Christmas special…. Snow boarding Skiing Ice skating Mountain Hiking Snow rafting

Skiing : 

Skiing In this package you will e able to chose your mountain that you want to skiing at an amazing speed down and you can chose were you stay you can stay up in a cabin on the actual or you can stay in a luxury villa down at the bottom of the mountain.

Bob slaying : 

Bob slaying You will feel as though you were in the film cool runnings. You will have the opportunity to go on an adrenaline speedy ride.

Snow boarding : 

Snow boarding In this amazing package you will have the opportunity to go on a breath taking experience snow boarding down some amazing mountains and snow hills.

Thank you : 

Thank you Thank you for buying your experiences and we all hope you come back soon and have wonderful time!!!

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