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Portfolio SIG, Manchester, 21 June 2007Portfolio Interoperability: 

Portfolio SIG, Manchester, 21 June 2007 Portfolio Interoperability Scott Wilson CETIS This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 licence

There is no right or wrong answer!: 

There is no right or wrong answer!

The Scenarios: 

The Scenarios Institutional system andlt;-andgt; institutional system (e.g FE -andgt; HE) Institutional system andlt;-andgt; employer system Institutional system andlt;-andgt; personal system Institutional system andlt;-andgt; govt. agency system Personal system andlt;-andgt; personal system Personal system andlt;-andgt; employer system Interaction with admissions process, recruitment process, assessment process, accreditation process Etc.



Many kinds of (data) interoperability: 

Many kinds of (data) interoperability identities profiles andamp; preferences permissions content structures andamp; relationships official competencies, credits etc

The transfer scenario - layers: 

The transfer scenario - layers

Personal -> Institution Scenario: 

Personal -andgt; Institution Scenario

And back the other way: 

And back the other way


Identities Provisioning SPML IMS Enterprise DirXML/DSML Distributed identity OpenID CardSpace Shibboleth

Profiles and preferences: 

Profiles and preferences FOAF vCard OpenID SRP HR-XML (CV)


Permissions No easy way to do this today XACML? Proprietary permissions negotiation? Inference via FOAF groups? A new language?

Content: The Big Five: 

Content: The Big Five (X)HTML Atom/RSS UBL ODF DocBook + also things like AAC, MP3, MPEG, QT, WMV, SVG, PDF, LaTEX, MS Word, TEI (the list goes on…)


Structure Atom/RSS/etc for simple structures RDF+OWL for complex structuring isPartOf isVersionOf Inheritance Specialised (e.g. Leap2.0 relations) XML Topic Maps Regular links IMS Content Packaging/RAMLET/MPEG-21

Official competencies and credits: 

Official competencies and credits HR-XML MIAP Learner Achievement Record

Roll Your Own XML Spec: 

Roll Your Own XML Spec 'neither easy nor fun' 'pass/fail ratio' 'software pain' 'restating Metcalfe' 'opportunity cost'

Interoperability: scope: 

Interoperability: scope

Open APIs: 

Open APIs Flickr API YouTube API Facebook API

Public ‘middleware’ services as sharing intermediaries: 

Public ‘middleware’ services as sharing intermediaries Portfolio -andgt; Slideshare/Flickr/Facebook/EduSpaces -andgt; employer

What’s supported today?: 

What’s supported today? Elgg: Atom, RSS, FOAF, various content formats Moodle: Atom, RSS, various content formats Employer HR systems: MS Word, HR-XML(?) PebblePad: IMS CP, HR-XML Europass, Shibboleth, RSS, UKLEAP, IMS EP

Never, ever, ever implement IMS EP: 

Never, ever, ever implement IMS EP Look, just don’t.


Security User choice is important - user control of access

Adopters dilemma: 

Adopters dilemma Its not much fun being the only one who supports a standard


scott.bradley.wilson@gmail.com http://www.cetis.ac.uk/members/scott

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