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Observations & Trends in the e-Marketplace (e = EC/EDI/EAI/ERP/Everything IT) May 17, 2006 Wayne Marshall

Presentation Agenda: 

Presentation Agenda About EDI Specialists, Inc. National/Regional Employment Activity What Has Changed? What Will Change? Jobs – The Hot List Employer Challenges Employee/Consultant Opportunities Changing Skills/Requirements Mix EC/EDI/EAI/ERP Vendor Directions Outsourcing & Foreign Resources So How Might All This Impact You? Q&A

About EDI Specialists, Inc.: 

About EDI Specialists, Inc. Founded and began placing EDI technical professionals in 1994 Headquartered in Raynham, MA We are a small but growing company, working on a nationwide basis and in Canada Company has doubled in size in 1 year – new IT division IT and EC/EDI/EAI staffing – permanent and contract, consulting services, mapping, etc. Thousands of direct clients from Global 2000 companies to SME’s, spanning all industries 15 Account Managers and Recruiters working geographically, plans to hire several more Our sales and recruiting engine is the envy of our competitors and industry firms Remote and virtual offices in Maine, Texas, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Largest, active database of EC/EDI and - soon to be - EAI professionals in the world Other EC/EDI/EAI vendors come to us for help We are a preferred vendor to integrators & other staffing/consulting firms

Nationwide/Regional Employment Activity: 

Nationwide/Regional Employment Activity In the past year, IT and EC/EDI activity has increased tremendously nationwide This is reflected/measured by numerous stats, surveys, industry numbers, etc. EDI Specialists’ activity can be viewed as a microcosm of the national picture Number of opportunities > number of available candidates/resources Opportunities encompass both permanent and contract positions Temp-to-perm situations have increased EAI activity has blossomed nationwide The NY/NJ/PA area is as hot as any region New England has seen growth but lags the rest of the country, especially MA

What Has Changed?: 

What Has Changed? IT is spending money and hiring again! Past: Large ERP/EDI systems, PC’s, Y 2K, dot.com collapse, 9/11, Recession Time for new a generation of EDI systems Need to integrate so much information and present to executives = EAI New technologies and services such as SOA Mandates: Data Sync, SOX, RosettaNet, HIPAA, Electronic Records, etc. Consolidations, acquisitions, mergers, etc. New ERP systems are still being implemented E-Commerce, XML and EDI continue to grow The jobs market is now candidate driven Staffing agencies are in vogue again!

What Will Change?: 

What Will Change? Tens of millions of Baby Boomers are beginning to retire – big wave 2011 Many are middle managers and many entered IT during the “early” days EAI is growing, adding layers to the infrastructure and people supporting it The U.S. is near a “full employment” level Congress reluctant to increase H1 Visa levels Old AND new industries (health, biotech, nanotech) will add to the demand New mandates are a certainty (RFID) The number and type of transactions will grow proportionally to the economy ?

Jobs – The Hot List: 

Jobs – The Hot List Architects – all types EAI professionals – webMethods, Tibco, Seebeyond, etc. BizTalk resources – Architects and Developers ERP professionals – especially road warriors, PeopleSoft, JDE, SAP, etc. EDI professionals – GIS, AS400 RPG, Inovis, HIPAA resources Influencing Factors Geography is a major factor when it comes to the candidate pool Market penetration of a specific product is another major factor Consultant rates impact the candidate pool for permanent placements H1 Visa levels

Employer Challenges: 

Employer Challenges In a candidate driven market: Retention of key employees Competitive salaries – working outside internal guidelines/structures Acquisition of experienced resources New technologies = new resources, as with an EAI implementation Balancing opps for new skills vs. making someone more marketable HR is inundated (cuts during recession)/budgeting for placement fees Finding passive candidates – targeting local companies/competitors

Employee/Consultant Opportunities: 

Employee/Consultant Opportunities There are many options in a jobs rich, candidate driven market Sometime changing jobs/employers is the best/only way to move up the ladder Determinants = timing, skills match, flexibility in salary, commuting, etc. Road warriors are in high demand – especially with the big integrators Opportunities to play outside your niche/industry More remote/telecommute work options

Changing Skills/Requirements Mix: 

Changing Skills/Requirements Mix XML, AS2, Scripting almost always present in EDI job descriptions now Java becoming more common Lots of .Net skills needed Newer platforms/technologies require: J2EE SOAP XPATH SOA EAI Integration Architecting Object Orientation UML SQL, Oracle, etc. Project Management BPML

EC/EDI/EAI/ERP Vendor Directions: 

EC/EDI/EAI/ERP Vendor Directions EDI vendors want to play in EAI space & vice-versa(Sterling/Extol,webMethods) ERP vendors like SAP and Oracle want to provide B2B platform SAP & Seeburger, OracleAS Integration B2B for EDI Consequently, companies are looking to consolidate platforms/capabilities BizTalk 2006 gaining momentum and marketshare GXS/Covast/MS partnership recently announced Some vendors losing or maintaining status quo Inovis & Softshare – will they incorporate workflow or process modeling

Outsourcing & Foreign Resources: 

Outsourcing & Foreign Resources EDI and ERP Hosting/Outsourcing is increasing slowly Off-shoring & Near-shoring remain viable, limited options Indians have penetrated s/w development, ERP, EAI products Low cost, H1 resources may be a threat - or opportunity With wages rising in India, is China next?

So How Might All This Impact You?: 

So How Might All This Impact You? Exciting time to be part of the EC/EDI/EAI community Enhanced job security Leverage your position/strengths More opportunities and paths available Opportunities to increase your skill set and/or work in other industries Opportunities to implement more advanced solutions Consultants/Road Warriors should pick their spots

Q & A: 

Q & A Wayne Marshall Vice President of Professional Services EDI Specialists, Inc. Raynham, MA 02767 800 821-4644 x216 wmarshall@edispecialists.com www.edispecialists.com & Sign up for our EC Newsletter

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