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U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences PERSCOM Newcomers’ Orientation Dr. Zita M. Simutis Director Building the Ultimate Smart Weapon: The American Soldier

Key Personnel: 

Key Personnel Executive Officer LTC Jimmy Wyrick, AG Acting Technical Director Dr. Stephen Goldberg Director Dr. Zita M. Simutis (703) 617-5532 (703) 617-8636 (703) 617-8844

Human Dimensions: 

Human Dimensions ARMY CHALLENGES Today’s Starting Point: Senior Officers and NCOs for Objective Force are in the Army NOW Soldiers are NOT an Acquisition Item Over Half of the System Life Cycle Cost is for Personnel RC Essential for the Army to Fight & Win

Human Dimensions: 

Human Dimensions MISSION: Maximize Individual and Unit Performance and Readiness to Meet the Full Range of Army Missions Through Advances in the Behavioral and Social Sciences. Can these soldiers using this equipment accomplish the mission? with this leadership with these skills, abilities, and training


Program Control ARI is an Army Laboratory within PERSCOM, and is an Army-Wide Asset


Organizational Structure Research Units (RU) Structure Facilitates: Program Execution Direct Support of Major Users Transition of Research Products Boise/Gowen Field Reserve Component RU Leader Development RU Ft. Knox Armored Forces RU STRICOM Simulation Systems RU Ft. Bragg SOF TRADOC Ft. Benning Infantry Forces RU Ft. Rucker Rotary Wing Aviation RU Research / Coordination Offices ARI HQ


Occupational Analysis – Defining Jobs THRUSTS


Improved Tactical Performance


Operations Army Surveys Occupational Analysis


Why the Army Needs Surveys Cost-effective, scientifically sound, timely information for Army decision makers A “finger on the pulse” of the Army Assess programs and policies (e.g, Army Continuing Education System, number of PCS moves, satisfaction with assignments process) Track trends (e.g., pay, career intent, reasons for leaving the Army, quality of Army life) Respond to information requests (PERSCOM, G-1, CSA, OSD, Congress, media) Data to assess emerging issues (e.g., captain attrition, satisfaction with time in command)


U.S. ARMY RESEARCH INSTITUTE for the Behavioral and Social Sciences ARI 08/13/98 20 An ARMY Laboratory within PERSCOM Checkout products to implement NOW !

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