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Well, what d’ya know!… I’m a follower too! Think for and lead yourself. You know what’s best for you and follower’s are usually lost !


Just ignore him. That’s our rebellious young calf Matthew – he’s into wearing leather clothes just for the shock value. Don’t let peer pressure control you – especially with something simple like our Dress Code.


The class was quietly doing its lesson when Russell, suffering from problems at home, prepared to employ an attention-getting device. Also, don’t be a class clown because you can’t do the work – which isn’t that hard if you try.


The hazards of teaching young Neanderthals Actually, Tahoma parents raise nice Tahoma kids to work with – THANKS !


Well, it’s a delicate situation, sir… Sophisticated firing system, hair-trigger mechanisms, and Bob’s wife just left him last night, so you know his mind’s not into this. During class time, have your mind prepared and only on your work !


Math phobic’s nightmare. If you’re not good at something you like, such as a sport, you practice more. Why don’t you do the same for hard subjects and then you’ll get better and like them more !


Hopeful parents There are some jobs like this, but not many. Choose your career carefully !


So… you think school’s a waste of time and not worth anything to ya? Read the following… (and keep in mind most kids in the world would LOVE to be able to sit where you are now).



If you use the numbers of $234 / hr for two years of school time, and divide by 6 (to make it 12 years of school), you are 'making' ~ $40 / hr each hour you are in school from Grade 1 through 12. You aren’t being paid now, but you are investing in your future of better paychecks ! 'You can never have too much education – only too little.'


BEST and WORST JOBS 2003 Best overall job: • No. 1 – Biologist ($92,000 / year) • No. 2 – Actuary (insurance statistics) • No. 3 -- Financial planner * note all top 5 are • No. 4 -- Computer systems analyst either math or science • No. 5 -- Accountant Worst overall job: • No. 246 -- Seaman • No. 247 -- Ironworker • No. 248 -- Cowboy • No. 249 -- Fisherman • No. 250 -- Lumberjack Keep in mind that even at minimum wage you are making more than most families in the world !


Best working environment: • No. 1 – Statistician (statistics) • No. 2 – Mathematician * all math, • No. 3 -- Computer systems analyst science or • No. 4 -- Hospital administrator academic • No. 5 -- Historian Worst working environment: • No. 246 -- Taxi driver • No. 247 -- NFL football player • No. 248 -- Race car driver • No. 249 -- Firefighter • No. 250 -- President of the United States of America With Baby Boomers retiring, there will be a big need for healthcare workers in the next 20 years.


Best income: • No. 1 -- NBA basketball player ($4,637,825) • No. 2 -- Major League Baseball player ($1,954,400) • No. 3 -- NFL football player ($1,836,460) • No. 4 -- Race car driver ($508,569) • No. 5 -- President of the United States ($400,000) Worst income: • No. 246 (tie) -- Child care worker ($17,077) • No. 246 (tie)-- Maid ($17,077) • No. 248 -- Waiter/Waitress ($16,083) • No. 249 -- Catholic priest ($16,079) • No. 250 -- Dishwasher ($16,046) How many professional athletes or entertainers do you know have EVER graduated from 80 years of Tahoma High ? I know of only two: Omare Lowe, who plays football – ever hear of him ?! How about Jamie Sease, she’s a recent graduate just starting acting.


Least stress: • No. 1 -- Musical instrument repairer • No. 2 -- Florist • No. 3 -- Medical records technician • No. 4 – Actuary (statistics) • No. 5 -- Forklift operator Most stress: • No. 246 -- Taxi driver • No. 247 -- Race car driver • No. 248 -- Senior corporate executive • No. 249 -- Firefighter • No. 250 -- President of the United States Choose realistic goals (and if you’re truly talented enough to take a long shot), still have a backup plan. Just look at all the stories of broke athletes and entertainers because they squandered their brief success.


If you’re counting on an athletic scholarship (only 1% of college students have one), and you don’t have good grades, do you think a college would invest in you knowing you’re a high risk of failing out of school right away? There are plenty of athletes with sports talent AND good grades the schools would rather take that financial risk on. Also, there’s LOTS of academic scholarships to get by just having good grades !!


Hopefully, these cartoons and information will help you see that education has value - and education provides more choices, and… It’s your decision – and your life. Make the best of this opportunity ! 'True freedom comes from having lots of choices.'

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