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Good Morning Year 9!! : 

Good Morning Year 9!!

And Also, Good Morning to the Dragons!!! : 

And Also, Good Morning to the Dragons!!!

MiniSpace : 

Business Presentation MiniSpace

MiniSpace“Easy as 1,2,3” : 

MiniSpace“Easy as 1,2,3” We have taken features from the world most popular online entertainment websites and mixed all the features together to form 1, easy to use website.

What is MiniSpace? : 

What is MiniSpace? MiniSpace is an online community. Children aged 11-18 can chat with their friends and share files between them, The chat rooms are constantly monitored to prevent online bullying People can create online profiles which are monitored constantly to prevent adult content being published to the web.

Slide 6: 

Downloadable music at a fixed price of 69p per track. Customers can play games online which will be free or they can download them which will be £1.50, they can also put the games onto their profile/website. Full films/TV Programs to download which will cost the customer £3.99 per film and 2.99 per TV Program.

Mini-Swop-shop : 

Mini-Swop-shop Nearly like the old tv program, only online, people bid and can earn a little bit more cash. We take a small commission fee off the sale price. (4% Commission)

Business Users : 

Business Users We offer a professional website building option for any business users who want a great looking professional website. They can have data bases, flash animations, professional templates. All for only £17.00 per month.

Standard Subscription : 

Standard Subscription The standard subscription is free, and has the following features: Profile Advertisements (not optional) Linked Domain Name e.g. 1GB profile space Basic set templates

VIP Subscription : 

VIP Subscription No Advertisements Own Domain Name e.g. Default 5GB web space but this is upgradable to 25GB for £1 per 1GB Professional Templates Discounts On Downloads Only £12 per month

Money, Money Money : 

Money, Money Money The business is mainly run from the advertisements, Music/Video Sales, and VIP Memberships.

Slide 12: 

We would like £36,000 for the setup of this company, in return you will get 15% of the company. £21,500 will be used to buy all the electrical equipment and software needed for the company; this comprises of computers, laptops, servers, printers, cameras, security systems and software, we can claim back £3,762.50

Website Costs! : 

Website Costs! The startup cost of the website is £1,990 and will cost £199.90 per month for two years, giving a total of £6,787.60 for the two years contract.

Slide 14: 

It will cost £175 pcm for the office space which will be based locally to save more money.

Predicted Sales Figures : 

Predicted Sales Figures

Total Download/ Subscription Numbers P/Y : 

Total Download/ Subscription Numbers P/Y

Profit Margins : 

Profit Margins

Our Target Market : 

Our Target Market Our target market is for children aged 11-18, but because of this age group we will have to convince the parents about our secure and safe site. years old, the website will attract lots of customers due to the growing demand for online entertainment.

Advertising : 

Advertising We plan to invest £3,000 in advertising, we will use: Google AOL Newspaper Radio (£12 per 30sec slot) £176.25 Website adverts (Free) Free Giveaways (Pens, Hats, T-shirts)

Slide 21: 

BP Fuel Station advertising: £175 deposit £10 per week £695 per year We hope to gain £5000 back in the first year.

Turnover : 

Turnover In our first year we hope to reach a turnover of £69,112.58, these figures are bases on all the previous prices shown on all the other pages. Total Profit: £43,312.58

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