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WHAT ARE DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES Also termed as online marketing internet marketing or web marketing digital marketing services typically includes the technical means of reaching more and ranking high in the search engine rank pages. It also involves the ultimate task of creating brand voice and brand value online. 01

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02 WHY INVEST IN DIGITAL MARKETING Internet marketing consultants support you in promoting your business/brand online on platforms which includes the numerous social channels as well. It also helps people to find your business/brand online when searching with phrases related to your business.

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03 WHAT DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES DO YOU PROVIDE We provide bold holistic digital marketing services in India and across the globe with a 360 degree approach which includes SEO SMO PPC reputation management digital branding and much more.

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HOW MUCH DO DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES COST As a pioneer digital marketing agency in India we believe in 100 percent transparency in communication and reporting. Clients get a scalable scannable data driven monthly report. We communicate via skype/mail. 04

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05 WHAT IS YOUR REPORTING AND COMMUNICATION PROCESS Cost for online marketing is case specific and depends on various factors such as business type digital strategy undertaken digital goal etc.

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06 WHICH ONLINE MARKETING SERVICES ARE BEST FOR MY BUSINESS We stand as the most sought-after internet marketing company in India with happy clients dotted all across the globe. We would love to do an SEO audit for your business. Do drop your company url and email id for us to do the needful

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07 WHAT SERVICES ARE THE BEST DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANIES PROVIDING Every company has their individual business goal and no two company is same. As one of the leading digital marketing service providers we would advise you to take an informed decision and go with the one that doesn’t just promise but also delivers. Do check case studies before you sign above the dotted line.

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08 WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF DIGITAL MARKETING Digital marketing services be broadly classified into two parts – On page optimization and off page optimization. In lay language the technical side of the strategy falls under on page optimization. The other however deals with branding and promotion and includes SEO SMO PPC influencers marketing branding reputation management and more. Organic digital marketing and paid marketing are the two other categories to focus on.

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WHY IS DIGITAL MARKETING IMPORTANT Using this innovative and scalable internet marketing services and technique you can reach wider audience in a measurable and cost-effective way. You can save money while reaching more customers than any traditional marketing method. It’s also the smartest way to build your brand loyalty

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10 HOW CAN I DO DIGITAL MARKETING Sure you too can-do digital marketing once you become a pro. Till then we recommend to go with an experienced digital marketing agency. We stand tall as the leading and the most preferred digital marketing company in India.

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11 CONTACT US: A d d r e s s : C D - 9 6 S a l t L a k e C i t y S e c t o r - I K o l k a t a – 7 0 0 0 6 4 I n d i a E m a i l : c o n t a c t d i g i t a l m a r k e t i n g l a b . c o . i n P h o n e : + 9 1 - 8 6 9 7 - 9 7 7 - 3 6 5 W e b s i t e : w w w . d i g i t a l m a r k e t i n g l a b . c o . i n

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