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Wellness Orientation Workshop:

Wellness Orientation Workshop Discover Health & Wellness Service – Quality - Results WELCOME

Wellness Approach to Health Stress – Toxicity – Nerve Damage:

Wellness Approach to Health Stress – Toxicity – Nerve Damage Doctors of Chiropractic Chiropractic Assistants Certified Massage Therapists


Mission What does it mean to be Healthy? Why is health important? Youth – Energy - A New and Improved Body – Better Relationships

Sick Care vs Health Care:

Sick Care vs Health Care X X X X X


Symptoms X

How Your Body Works:

How Your Body Works

PowerPoint Presentation:

Brain Spinal Cord 100% 100%

PowerPoint Presentation:

Brain Spinal Cord 100% 80% Pinched Nerve (Blocks 20%)

Spinal Curve Correction of Our Patient:

Spinal Curve Correction of Our Patient

PowerPoint Presentation:

Time is the factor…. Normal Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 subluxation osteoarthritis fusion

PowerPoint Presentation:

Henry Windsor, M.D. Pathologist who studied more than 200 cadavers “Organs supplied by pinched nerves revealed pathological changes. The more serious the pinched nerve, the more serious the organ damage.” (Henry Windsor, M.D., Pathologist) Subluxation

Achieving Great Results:

Achieving Great Results Keep Appointments Don’t Focus on Pain/Focus on Correction What happens when you start feeling good? How Long Should You Benefit From a Healthy Spine? 100% Focus On YOU Home Exercises – Glasses Improving Your Posture

3 Solutions to Health Problems:

3 Solutions to Health Problems Undetected Nerve Damage Postural Exercises Specific Providers Care Plans Stress – Adrenal Function Test Adrenotone Supplement Massage Toxicity – Acidity Test Ionic Foot Cleanse Zeolite

Share What You Know:

Share What You Know Community Outreach Thermometer Burning building. Give the gift of health. Together we can make a difference! Patient referral checks Upcoming Events

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