funny names of churches in nigeria

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Its real, its hilarious. Names of churches in Nigeria


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Names of Churches in Nigeria : 

Names of Churches in Nigeria By Cyril Ayeobore

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Jesus Of God Mission God's Mennonite Church Guided Missiles Church Jesus In The Now Global Ministry

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Healing Has Begun Ministry God's Own Ministry The True Assemblies of God Church Jehova Sharp Sharp

Slide 4: 

Huricane Miracle Ministry Healing Tsunami Ministry Satan in Trouble Ministry Fire for Fire Ministry

Slide 5: 

Guided Missiles Church   Fist of Fury Ministry   Run For Your Life Ministry The Yoke Must Broke Ministry

Slide 6: 

Jesus Heal Ministry   Face to Face Ministry   Angels on Fire Chapel of Peace Liquid Fire Ministries

Slide 7: 

By Fire By Fire Ministry Holy Fire Overflow Ministries David Killed Goliath Ministry House of Jehova's Padawans

Slide 8: 

Jesus in His Mightiness Global Ministry OPM - Other People's Money Ministry God in Action Ministries Moving Mountain Gospel Church

Slide 9: 

My Brother is a Christian Church Of God Fellowship of the Wings Power Foundation Ministries   Holy Ghost on Fire Ministry

Slide 10: 

High Tension Ministry Jesus Never Bleep Up Ministry   Devil Go Hear Am Jesus Ministry Accredited Church of God

Slide 11: 

Chukwudi & Son Evangelical Ministry Power Pass Power Church of The Mountain Ministry Incorporated Ministry of The Naked Wire Laboratory Church of God

Slide 12: 

Go And Tell Ahab That Elijah Is Here Ministries God is Real Ministry   Fire Burn Ministries Jesus The Landlord, We The Relaxing Pew Ministry

Slide 13: 

Happy Go Lucky Church of God Almighty In Jesus Name Amen Old Time Religion Ministry Strong Hand of God ministry Best Spot In The Land of God Church

Slide 14: 

Trigger Happy Ministry Kasabubu Church Of God Jesus Knows His Children Ministry   Seven Thunders of Jesus Ministry

Slide 15: 

Perfect Christianity Ministry   Elshaddai Shall Not Die Ministries

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