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Supercilium Brow Henna is an long-lasting and easy to use henna eyebrow tint product for professionals, based on pure Indian henna.


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Make Up For Brown Eyes Girls with eyes that are brown are able to think about themselves fortunate - really remarkable dark make up along with brilliant as well as neutral one match brown irises. Nevertheless it does not imply that there arent any rules to watch and youre free to do anything whatsoever. The look of eyes that are brown even without make up is quite deeply though you are able to do a couple of things to intensify it a bit more. Below you find a couple of examples of what could be done making your eyes look more stunning If you are a brown eyed female you are able to call eyeliner the new best friend of yours as its an ideal tool to create your look more sexy and intensive. You are able to use it on top lid as well as on the lower one to highlight the form of the outer corners of the eyes of yours. Its ideal to not use dark eye shadows or eyeliner on the inner sides of the eyes of yours as it can make them appear smaller. Rather use bright organic eye shadows in the internal sides of the eyes of yours and also create a deep type on the lids of yours with eyeliner beginning at the middle of the eye. Experiment with various shapes of different colors and lines of eyeliners. Raise the eyeliner of yours up when you are finishing drawing a line and also give it a bit of twist. It creates an illusion your eyes are almond shaped. White or navy colored line on your eyelids help make your eyes appear even more interesting. Appropriate use of red eyeliner is able to give your eyes really fierce look and warm contour.

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You are going to achieve the very best consequences if you mix eyeliner by having a watch shadow of similar color. Work with it close to the eyeliner line making it are like in case it had been smudged on the eyelids of yours. You are free to combine 2 different eye shadows including the ones with very distinct color. Keep in mind about the principle of applying the darkest shades in the external and also the brightest shades in the inner sides of the eyes of yours. For a finish place 2 or 3 coats of mascara on the lashes of yours. Once again you are free wear actually the darkest mascara with one coat being suitable even for a daytime appearance. eyes that are Brown look best with just as dark brows. In case you are a natural brunette all youve to do is trim the brows of yours. To accentuate the color of theirs and open-up the eyes of yours use really bright natural and shiny color underneath the brows of yours. In case your brows have organic blonde color dying it with henna is a function you need to really consider. Light brown henna color is suggested to those blond haired females with dark eyes that are brown. Find More Information:

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