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New designed cutter master corner radius grinders are quiet and five times more powerful than an AC motor. Newly designed good quality plated corner radius wheels of this radius grinder are always retain their shape.


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All the tough metal items and their accessories are manufactured and processed for the long-time purpose. These items are huge and require utmost focus and concentration to build and are prepared with a perfect combination of classic finishing and metal. These metallic pieces are highly durable and at the same time they demand high maintenance and care for long-lasting life and usability. What do you need to know about the bench grinders When it comes to bench grinders it is a major tool particularly used to sharpen the blunt sides of any tool and make it work like a pro. Some machining processes create rough edges and ridges also known as burrs. These burrs are not only posing a risk for injuries but at the same time they also impact the dimensional tolerance of the workpieces.

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These are the reasons for which the burrs are meant to be removed. Some methods can be used to remove the burrs and they include grinding milling or barrel finishing. Though these processes are time-consuming in removing the burrs some efficient machines can be used to remove the burrs effectively within time. You can take the help of cutter master sharpening tools to sharpen your blades or bolds. The process- Breaking edges It is a machining process where the corners or the workpieces are given a fillet radius. All the safety and quality specifications are skillfully met by the production of the small uniform radii. Using these methods on surfaces is much easier to carry out especially on the rounded corners and the paint adhesion that gets improved significantly with these grinding machines. This machining process plays a vital role in the production of load-bearing structures. Benefits of undergoing the process of breaking edges The grinding machines come with some rotating brushes and they enable the labors to produce the 2 mm radii on all the workpiece edges in the consistent quality without the attention of the orientation. To generate the radii manually would be enormously time taking and thus they tend to be very expensive. The corner radius grinder not only saves the time but also offers the advantages like the adhesion of paints and coatings are improved on the edges safe handling and assembly of the parts are done easily without the risk of injury from the sharp edges etc. CONTACT US:- 2353 Ridgecrest Place Ottawa OntarioK1H 7V4 Canada Phone:- 800 417 2171 | Cell 613 523 7753 | Fax 613 523 8265

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