New Mexico Year 13

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MADE IN NEW MEXICO: The Care and Feeding of a PHISH Tank: 

MADE IN NEW MEXICO: The Care and Feeding of a PHISH Tank Karen Armitage, MD District Health Officer, NM Dept. of Health Alfredo Vigil, MD CEO, Health Centers of Northern NM

Problem Statement: 

Problem Statement Fragmentation of the public health system. Opportunity for maximizing the group wisdom of key public health leaders. Identifying critical “pressure points” for maximum effect. Creating fertile ground for future public health leadership.

Platform for Action: 

Platform for Action We were in residency together (although different departments). Our work responsibilities cover a similar geographic area in Northern New Mexico.


P.H.I.S.H. TANK Public Health Incubator for Solutions & Heretics Regular gatherings of the PHISH Tank participants with some presentation of information but then allowing for free-wheeling dialogue and creative thinking.

Public Health Incubator for Solutions & Heretics:: 

PHISH Tank Curriculucum Creating More “Heretics” White Paper Initiating “Solutions” Public Health Incubator for Solutions & Heretics:

Tools for Change: 

Tools for Change Curriculum Development White Paper

Curriculum Development: 

Curriculum Development The ten essential public health services. Primary prevention of public health emergencies. Participation in partnerships. Thinking like a PHISH.


Presentations Hospital grand rounds Residents Physician Assistants Emergency Medical Technicians Clinical Leadership Non-profit board

White Paper: 

White Paper Think NM Model Critical “pressure points”

Think NM Model: 

Think NM Model Results oriented think tank. Focus on specific, workable, and sustainable solutions = “pressure points”. “Big enough to make a difference; small enough to be achievable.” Record of success.

Public Health “Pressure Points”: 

Public Health “Pressure Points” Statewide Immunization Information System (SIIS) Medicaid Coverage for Children Junk Food in Schools

Public Education: 

Public Education Op-ed article. Press conference.

Initiating Policy Change: 

Initiating Policy Change Meet with key legislative leaders. Determining specific tactics for supporting focus on the “pressure points”. Drafting memorials and/ or legislation for session January 2005.

Lessons Learned: 

Lessons Learned Application of PHLI skills and concepts. Insights into ourselves. Leadership lessons. Future applications.

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