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Curry Todd says that the measure of a man is taken in what he wears, and believes that you should always dress for success and look your best. Curry says that too often people forget about these old adages, and says that they need to be reminded that the way you dress helps express and represent who you are as a person.


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Republican Representative of Tennessee Curry Todd


Curry Todd is one of those rare political representatives that always makes it a point to fight for everyone, not just those with a lot of money in their pocket. Curry says that the point of government is to represent the massive, the majority, not the major contributor to a campaign. That is why Curry always makes it a point to fight for each individual's desires, making sure to never take sides and always serve to the best of his ability. To put it shortly, Curry fights for all of the people, not just some of them. Fights For You


Curry Todd says that in order to make a difference in the legislative system of this day and age you need to commit fully to your career as well as the task at hand. Curry says that the complicated political machine is one that takes patience and understanding to get it to work properly, and that sometimes that can be frustrating, but it is a necessary part of the process in order to keep freedoms alive and accessible to everybody within the system. Curry says that the best way to make a difference is to rally together for a similar cause. Making a Difference


Curry Todd is a Republican representative working in the state of Tennessee that has accumulated may years of experience, becoming a real expert in politics. Curry says that in his experience, political campaigns as well as fights for policies and legislation are most successful when all parties communicate properly, and the people and the representative work together. Curry urges people to remember that a legislator or representative can only help those who voice their opinions, and work with him to better policies. Working Together


Curry Todd says that one of the most important thing for citizens of America to consider is that they have the right to be heard, which is a freedom that they should exercise when ever possible. Many countries do not have the luxury of this freedom, something many Americans take for granted. Curry says that this is unfortunate because politicians rely on the voice of the people to help aid them in the fight for better policies. Curry says you simply can't fix a problem that you aren't aware of existing, which is why it is important to be heard. Being Heard


Curry Todd believes strongly that though compromise in politics is somewhat necessary in order to keep the flow of things at a steady pace so that all legislation can be seen, that too often politicians are too quick to compromise on bills that become mutant off-springs of their original intention. Curry says this may have cut it in the past but simply is not acceptable anymore, and that from now on politicians should stand their ground when they are fighting for something that they know is right, as this is the only way to progress into the future. Stand your Ground

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