Queensland Islands


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Queensland Island Resorts that have closed


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Queensland Islands:

A story of wasted developments, controversy & Environmental destruction Queensland Islands

Lindeman island:

Lindeman Island resort will become the seventh island resort in Queensland to close in recent years. The resort on Lindeman Island was opened in 1992, in 2009 Club Med were looking for investor. Lindeman island

Dunk & Bedarra islands:

“Unfortunately, after reviewing all relevant factors the current owners of the resorts have determined they are not in a position on their own to commence a full-scale redevelopment at Dunk or Bedarra Islands.” Dunk & Bedarra islands

Couran Cove Island:

Couran Cove Island Resort is no longer trading as an operating resort, it seems it was not financially viable. Yet, this resort was located in Queensland's premier tourist location and within the highest population area of Queensland. Couran Cove Island

Hayman Island:

Struck by cyclone damage and now closed "This has been an extremely difficult decision for Mulpha Australia, particularly with its current and ongoing investment strategy for the island. Hayman Island

Peppers Palm Bay Long Island:

Peppers Palm Bay Long Island Whitsundays - PERMANENTLY CLOSED – Whitsundays FNH Investments directors said the challenges of operating a tourism business in the Whitsundays had forced this decision with the retreat operating in a unique environment, with unique difficulties requiring unique solutions.   The Whitsunday region has performed poorly throughout the GFC and the aftermath of Cyclone Ului . Peppers Palm Bay Long Island

Brampton Island Resort:

Brampton Island Redevelopment In June 2010 Brampton Enterprises Pty Ltd purchased Brampton Island Resort from Voyagers/GPT. Apart from some refurbishment activity, no major works have been undertaken on guest facilities at Brampton Island Resort since the 1980’s, but that is all about to change. Brampton Enterprises Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that it will close Brampton Island Resort effective January 24, 2011 to undergo a major upgrade program. The proposed program will lift facilities to world class standards which will include enlarging and completely refitting guest suites, providing international standard restaurant facilities, a guests library, a spa and health centre and upgrading the rockpool to incorporate latest trend initiatives. When Brampton Island Resort reopens some time after December 2011 it will offer guest facilities and a holiday experience equal to the finest resorts in the world and will particularly compete with boutique high end resorts in the Asia Pacific region. Still Closed as far as I can gather. Brampton Island Resort

Great Keppel Island :

The GKI Resort's history is well documented on this site, please have a read. GKI Resort PTY Ltd’s proposal to develop leased land that is currently “Public Access” is on a scale that dwarfs any that have occurred on any of the Queensland Islands. The island resorts that have closed have not been able to re-open due to difficulties in obtaining finance Will TOWER HOLDINGS have the financial resources to deliver their project? If approved will it be on sold to a foreign company? Great Keppel Island

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