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The firm ensures that workflow in production and management stays impeccable right from the inception and injects ideas based on the immaculate years of experience and knowledge as a leading executive coach in India. Affirming faith in its leadership coaching techniques, the company believes that leaders can reach their true potential if they partake in a coaching relationship with the right person with the right expertise and stay committed to the cause of growth and development.


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1 "The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation." — Vernon Howard 1

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2 Company Profile Cupela supports companies in the retention and development of their executives and high potentials. When leaders are faced with momentous tasks like dramatic growth and change management succession planning and transition we are there to fill potential skill gaps and equip the leadership team to successfully tackle imminent challenges. We do this by supporting companies in developing skills like organizational savvy building global alliance conflict management executive presence and influencing skills to name but a few. Our leadership coaching offers business professionals intensive personal development for a higher level role guidance to think through a critical career situation an experienced and confidential sounding board a chance to identify long term strategy and self-direction or address issues which are stalling progress in their career. Cupela believes leaders at all levels can reach their true potential if they engage in a coaching relationship with someone who has the relevant experience and expertise as well as being committed to the cause of their development. 2

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3 Team/Lead Coach Rajeev Shroff A business leader renowned for his sharp business acumen and diligence  backed with significant experience in accelerating performance transforming businesses and facilitating development Rajeev has a vast exposure in building global software delivery organizations in India China Argentina. Aside from managing Cupela a platform for Transformational Coaching and Consulting that works with leading organizations in the country he runs a Startup Investment Group – Ten Innovate. Further responsibilities include being a fractional CEO at SmartDrive India a Leadership Advisor for a not for profit – This variety of roles ensures that his Executive Coaching is solidly based in experience. 3

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4 4 4 Having completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics Communication from Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College he went on to attain several workshop certifications including Cloud Computing Lean Leadership Workshop and Franklin Covey Focus Workshop which he describes as instrumental in shaping his professional life. He started off with TEN Innovate India Pvt Ltd in the year 2012 since then is has grown to a network of 60+ Investors 600 Entrepreneurs and helped over 50 startups in transforming business strategy and driving business growth. Through all his ventures his main focus is to help create end- to-end transformation of companies and their leaders. True growth always involves people process technology and — above all — leadership transformation. Rajeev aims at extending coaching expertise to leaders across sectors effectively helping them transit from manager to business leader by building leadership competencies. "Rajeev is an exceptional leadership coach and someone who is truly passionate about creating world class leaders. Rajeevs humility and rare ability to connect at a personal level put me at ease. If you have someone like Rajeev as a coach you can be sure of some amazing outcomes" — Ramakrishna NK CEO

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More confidence in leadership skills Increased ability to engage reports Improved communication skills More productive interactions with Rationale Leadership and management require the executive to develop a wide variety of skills that are never really taught in traditional educational institutions. Especially nowadays as we head into the knowledge economy and leadership has evolved in many ways. Since employees and their expertise and skills are a company’s greatest asset these days employee engagement and thus retention have become vital for the success of a corporation. Coaching leaders is the fastest way to close this gap and equip them with the relevant skills to continue thriving well into the future. Engagement Outcomes

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Steps of the Coaching Journey Pre-engagement Identify broad coaching agenda involving Coach Coachee coaching process discussion agreement of logistics etc. Stakeholder Inputs A three way meeting between Coach Coachee and relevant stakeholders to get additional inputs and the organization’s expectations from the engagement. Data gathering and assessments 360º Assessment to generate additional inputs is considered a very powerful tool and is included in any coaching assignment. In addition review and debrief of any existing client organization standard tools/reports is performed as part of the coaching process. Any additional psychometrics analysis would be at cost.

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SMART goal setting Identification of 2-3 SMART goals by the coachee chosen based on their leverage potential and impact taking into account coachee’s need the organization’s expectations and other data gathered. Mid engagement review Review with key stakeholders HR function on progress checkpoint for ensuring any impediments in progress are addressed. Action plan and follow through Working closely with coachee to arrive at strategies actions plans that will be most effective in achieving these goals with clear measures of success. Progress review constant course correction as required and action tracking Coaching closure Identify and measure transformation achieved if required a dipstick closure 360 degree closure stakeholder and HR review assessment and feedback by coachee coach and stakeholders.

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Cupela Consulting A1-103 T rendset Valley Road No-6 Banjara Hills Hyderabad 500034 India +91 991 214 0000

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