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EDU 214 Teaching Teachers Technology: 

EDU 214 Teaching Teachers Technology Computer Lab: Education Building Room 1006 Class Dates: August 28 to Dec. 11, 2007 Instructor: Suzanne (Suzi) Aberasturi, Ph.D. Dr. A’s Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11 AM in the COE Computer Lab Dr. J’s Office Hours: Wednesday from 9-11 in the COE lab email: aberastu@unr.nevada.edu

General Information: 

General Information A technology course designed to help successfully complete the Electronic Portfolio Assessment. Teacher productivity software, multimedia applications, presentation software. Introduces you to several software programs hopefully making you more savvy at all programs Self paced program of instruction Quizzes & applications Due dates outlined in course syllabus PLEASE DO NOT PROCRASTINATE

Required things to get: 

Required things to get Memory stick – Very cheap at Walmart Headphones with microphone – also Walmart Doesn’t matter if USB or plugs unless using at home (would have plug ins for both if using plug ins)

Qualifying for the class: 

Qualifying for the class If you have taken EDU 204 with a C or above. If you have taken the qualifying quiz over the summer you should see a Y under qualified Otherwise you have to take the quiz! Recommend you go do it after I finish in the computer lab. Pass around sign up sheet

Qualifying Quiz: 

Qualifying Quiz The link is under quizzes You have to get a 37 or above You can take it: Anywhere there is internet, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (not set up for Office 2007) Don’t use an apple It takes about 2 hours – you can stop and go You can open any window, program, internet page you want while taking it Take your time!

Course Breakdown: 

Course Breakdown Chapter Quizzes – 120 points Application Modules – 295 points Final Project – 100 points Total Points – 515 points


Quizzes Computer-based Three attempts Have to be taken in the COE computer lab Highest attempt recorded 10 questions from text Multiple Choice True/False Due dates and cut off times (15 minutes) on all quizzes listed in syllabus (electronically controlled) 30 minutes in between Maintain academic honesty

Application Modules: 

Application Modules Modules located on the WebCT homepage Hands on applications Snag-it, inspiration, Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Web Whacker, Web Easy, Camtasia, Movie Maker 295 points possible points Have specific due dates A program that doesn’t download does not mean an extension! 15 points are the non-required modules (may only do 15 points) SAVE all work – Why you must get a jump drive (all used in final project) Due dates are critical

Final Project – 100 points: 

Final Project – 100 points 3 page webpage Can be e-portfolio A lesson module Must include: Resume Picture of self One lesson 2 hyperlinks Video clip Must be uploaded to server and you have to send me the address Due Tues. Dec 11 by 11:00 pm I always do a Final Project Help Session – I will schedule two of them near the end


WebCT Web site: http://webct6.unr.edu UNR net ID To Setup ID &Password: http://computing.unr.edu/authenticate.html


Grades QUIZZES 12 quizzes @ 10 points each = 120 points APPLICATION MODULES Up to 295 points FINAL PROJECT One final project worth 100 points 515 total possible points (Note: says more on WebCT – look at grading scale!!!!)

Grading Scale: 

Grading Scale Grade          Points A                463 - 515   B 412 - 462 C 360 - 411 D 309 - 359 F 308 and below Points are NOT rounded up. There are no minus “-” grades

Reno Housing Authority: 

Reno Housing Authority A volunteer opportunity for community service and to help kids.


Grades Be sure to check often “GRADES” On the WebCT grade link. * The totals possible are meaningless – please refer to syllabus total points possible!


Please understand that there will be no exception to the "late" rule. To do so is a disservice to all who completed their work on time or, in many cases, ahead of time. It is not that I lack compassion, it is just that I feel compelled to be fair. Incomplete grades will not be issued.

Things to know: 

Things to know You can print out EDU 214 material for free in the lab I am very helpful – never spend more than 30 or so minutes on something I usually email back with 24 hours (usually) I USUALLY grade everything within 24 hours of the due date If I see a small error on your assignment I let you fix it before Tuesday sometimes – always check your assignments on Tuesday to see if you need to do something Drop box

Software issues: 

Software issues All programs are installed in the COE lab (no need to download) The library also has Office suite, Adobe Elements, and Movie Maker There are free downloads available from the company for almost all of the software HOWEVER – it doesn’t always work so don’t count on it at the last minute Failure to download does not give you an extension!!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANY SOFTWARE


FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS Come in and sit by me during office hours and then you will probably get an A. I am very helpful!!!! You will never by stuck Read my emails and announcement Read the modules – they all work!

First Assignment: 

First Assignment Take the qualifying exam (DUE BY Sept 5 by 11 AM) Review the EDU 214 course syllabus Review the EDU 214 homepage Work on the things for the 1st week


Questions? When is the first assignment due? Where are the quizzes taken? How many points can you earn on application modules? Do I discuss grades via email? Where do I receive emails? Do we meet here again?



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