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The Absolutely Fabulous First SPS/SEDS Meeting of the Year!: 

The Absolutely Fabulous First SPS/SEDS Meeting of the Year! September 6th, 2006


Agenda What we do Announcements Current Events Activity: Coke + Mentos = AWESOME


Trips Kennedy Space Center BCC Planetarium SpaceVision 2006 (SEDS national; UCF) SPS Zone 6 Meetings


Outreach Physics Experiment Day Halloween Relay for Life


Physics Fun Night - Bowling, Laser tag Physics Talent Night Physics Dept Beach Picnic Mentor program


Last Year: Alka Selzter This Year: Bigger, Better Rockets! CanSat SEDS nationals partnership http://www.scalerockets.com Your ideas!


Announcements Colloquium on Student Summer Research: Friday, Sept 8th at 4pm-5pm Patricia Gavin, Kristina Ferenczi, Nicholas Leioatts, Christine Gabrielse EDEP needs electrical engineer PSS Dept Picnic: Sat, Sept 23 or Sept 30?

Current Events: 

Current Events

STS-115: Atlantis: 

STS-115: Atlantis Delayed today due to fuel cell problem Check out www.spaceflightnow.com Scheduled Launch: Tomorrow, the 7th Window 12:03 pm – 12:08 pm Friday Launch Window: 11:40 am – 11:45 am

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