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North York Hockey League: 

North York Hockey League Coaches and Managers Meeting

0607 Rules Emphasis: 

0607 Rules Emphasis Checking From Behind Checking to the Head Shared Respect Restraining Fouls Stick Fouls

Read Your Rule Book: 

Read Your Rule Book It’s your responsibility to understand the NYHL rules, policies and procedures.

Contacting the Office: 

Contacting the Office Select Liaison/ Contact person is the only person to contact the league office in any way. All questions and concerns should go through the Select Liaison. This person should have, or will get, all of the answers/ information you require.

Protests and Appeals Article 15: 

Protests and Appeals Article 15 Protest must be in the NYHL office and to the opposing Club in writing, not more than 48 hours from the conclusion of the game. The protest must be accompanied by $100 If the game is on the weekend you must inform the League office via Fax, email or phone message that the protest will be filed on Monday morning. No deviation or extension of this timing will be allowed. Please read fully all parts of Article 15 when filing.


Scheduling Clubs slow in committing teams. Longer length schedule available after teams are committed. Contact must call or send out full schedule as soon as they get it. NYHL Contact to confirm right away!! Full club practice/ game schedules are required for all divisions. Submit to NYHL office ASAP. Late team entries.

Scheduling cont…: 

Scheduling cont… Back to Back Games League Schedule take precedence It is the responsibility of the team to manage their own schedule. The league cannot work around your schedule if the office doesn't know about the events planned. If the league has to change a schedule because of incorrect information or after the cut off date, there will be a $150 fine to that team for the change. Article 13.4

Scheduling cont…: 

Scheduling cont… All date exclusion information must be in writing to the NYHL office 5 weeks prior to the exclusion date. No games are scheduled between Xmas and New Years. No games are scheduled on Easter Weekend. Halloween: Teams must play. Schedule is amended to play the oldest aged teams that are available. A $500 default fee will be levied for each team that defaults that night.


Tiering Tiering done by Tiering committee Attempt to Tier early (Phase 1 complete mid Dec). Reduce the number of late changes. Final decisions made by the League based on information gathered by the committee. Final (Phase 2) tiering will be complete by mid Jan.

Tournaments Article 13: 

Tournaments Article 13 Permission to attend tournaments denied until completed team listing form has been submitted Permission forms must be accompanied by $10 fee. Decisions to enter tournaments must be made early in the season. You must have permission from the NYHL to attend any tournament. 5 weeks notice in writing. The league will not work around tournament permission forms submitted after the league schedule cut-off date. No more than three tournaments a season, except during Christmas and Easter.

Passes Article 9.3: 

Passes Article 9.3 Each team gets two passes with no strings attached. To obtain a third or fourth pass someone on the bench must be a certified hockey trainer. All bench staff must have attended the 'Speak Out' session Maximum of 4 bench staff in the NYHL. Each pass requires a head andamp; shoulder picture Must be listed on official staff listing form If you forget your pass…you pay! You must have a pass prior to Nov 20th or you pay.

Gate Fees Article 9.1, 9.2: 

Gate Fees Article 9.1, 9.2 Everyone pays at the gate unless they have a pass. All players and spectators will pay $3.75 per game. Non-playing children 14 years or under do not pay with proof of age and accompanied by an adult. Senior Citizens admitted free with proof of age.

Game Sheets: 

Game Sheets Both the first and last name of each player must be printed on the game sheet. Team roster stickers are fine as long as they conform to NYHL standards. It is acceptable to have your complete roster on the game sheet, then if a player shows up late he can play. Article 9.9 Exhibition or Tournament game sheets must be turned into the office within 48hrs or there will be a $150 fine. Article 13.1e

Suspensions Article 12: 

Suspensions Article 12 Team staff are responsible for checking the game sheet for suspendable penalties and must ensure that the player/ team staff sits out those games. If a clerical error occurs, wrong code or incomplete code, the player must still serve his/her suspension. Please report this to your club liaison, who will inform the NYHL. The office will call out all suspensions to the select Liaison when the game sheets arrive in the office, until then it is your responsibility to make sure the correct players/ team staff sit out their suspension. If in doubt call your select Liaison. File all complaints about referees with your Club Liaison, this includes e-mails.

“AP” Players Article 5.3: 

'AP' Players Article 5.3 Prior to playing any 'AP' players, you must fully understand Article 5.3 in the NYHL rules. All Affiliated Players must be marked on the game sheet with an 'AP' beside their name. 'AP' players and suspensions. 'AP' players and their parents pay gate fee 5.3 (b) – player released back to House League Where a club has two teams each in back to back age groups.

Team Listing Forms Article 5.2: 

Team Listing Forms Article 5.2 Form must be submitted by Nov 15 Permission to attend tournaments denied until completed team listing form has been submitted Late submission subject to $150 fine If new players are added to the team after the form has been submitted, that form must be updated and re-submitted to the NYHL office in it’s entirety.

First Aid Kits: 

First Aid Kits All teams must carry with them, and have on the bench, an adequately equipped first aid kit. See Article 10.13 in the NYHL rules. Failure to carry a first aid kit will result in a Bench Minor penalty and a $25 fine.

Sweater Colours Uniforms Article 9.7: 

Sweater Colours Uniforms Article 9.7 List of each club’s sweater colours in back of rule book. Teams that have two sets of sweaters should carry both at all times. Home team changes when there is a conflict. If home team can’t change and the visitors have a second set of sweaters, they must change. Check the rule book for sweater conflicts prior to your games.

General Items: 

General Items No food or drink allowed into North Toronto and East York arenas. Due to permits assigned by the city, getting into dressing rooms for the second game is a little slow in some arenas. Please have the players come partially dressed in their hockey equipment. In arenas where this occurs, the permits have one half hour after their permit is over to vacate the dressing room.

NYHLVariations and Hockey Canada rule changes: 

NYHL Variations and Hockey Canada rule changes Team staff prohibited from walking across the ice to get to the benches. A GM99 will be assessed for violation of this rule. Article 10.3b Player loses their helmet – must proceed to the players bench. No option to replace. Article 10.9

NYHLVariations and Hockey Canada rule changes: 

NYHL Variations and Hockey Canada rule changes 5 Goal Spread in 3rd period – Running Clock Article 9.5d Once there is a five goal spread in the 3rd period the clock will run (5 to 0). If the team closes the spread back with-in three goals the clock will stop again (5 to 2). If the spread again reaches five goals the clock will start running again (7 to 2) for the balance of the game.

Start of Game: 

Start of Game FOR THE FIRST GAME OF THE NIGHT the clock will be set to 12 minutes for a 10-minute period. At 10:30 the referee will blow the whistle and you should prepared to start the game on time. At 10:00 the officials prepare to drop the puck, clock keeps running. At 9:45, if the official cannot fairly conduct the opening face-off, the clock will be stopped and a penalty imposed on the most offending team. FOR SUBSEQUENT GAMES the clock will be set to 11 minutes (for a 10-minute period) and the same procedure will be used.

End of Game Article 9.10: 

End of Game Article 9.10 Dressing room doors must be open prior to the end of the game, if not, this will be reported to the league and the Head Coach will be assessed a Game Misconduct (GM99,1 game). Referees will direct coaches to hold benches**. Players will be allowed to celebrate once it is safe to do so. Coaches who do not hold their benches will be reported to the league for discipline and under rule 81e may be assessed a Game Misconduct at the conclusion of the game. (2 game suspension) Referees will direct teams off the ice. There is no hand-shaking during the regular season. The team is responsible for collecting their game sheet. Do this by designating a player to pick it up from the time keeper.

End Of Game Rule 81(e): 

End Of Game Rule 81(e) At the end of each period, all players must remain on their respective players’ or penalty bench until directed off by the referee. A Game Misconduct penalty shall be assessed to the coach of any team that fails to comply with this rule at the end of the game if an altercation that results in penalties of any kind is either in progress as the game ends or begins after the game has ended.

Blood Article 10.14: 

Blood Article 10.14 All equipment with blood on it, must be removed or rinsed out. All open cuts must be attended to and covered.

Injured Players Article 10.12: 

Injured Players Article 10.12 When the clock has been stopped due to an apparent injury to any player (other than the goalkeeper), said player must sit out at least one stoppage of play before returning to the ice. Failure to leave the ice will result in a two minute Bench Minor penalty for delay of game.

Injured Players cont…: 

Injured Players cont… Timekeeper fills out NYHL injury form during game. Please verify this has been done. This Injury report is submitted to the NYHL office Coaches/Managers should obtain a Hockey Canada Injury Report Form from their NYHL Rule Book, NYHL web site, their Club Liaison or the League Office and see that the players care giver gets this copy before they leave the arena.

Injured Players cont…: 

Injured Players cont… Ensure the Team Official('s), player, parent, physician and others complete the Form where indicated. The Form must be submitted within 90 days of the accident (to the address at the bottom of the back page of the report). Attach a copy of the game sheet and any bills that are to be claimed. If bills are not yet available, submit the Form and game sheet anyway. Keep copies of the Bills.

Injured Players cont…: 

Injured Players cont… Do not be in a rush to move players If the player is complaining of a neck or back injury, he/she must be able to get up on his/her own or the paramedics must be called. Any player who suffers a SUSPECTED concussion must stop participation in the hockey activity immediately. If there is doubt as to whether a concussion has occurred, it is to be assumed that it has and that the player’s parent/guardian be encouraged to have the injury properly diagnosed.

Injured Players cont…: 

Injured Players cont… The participant is not permitted to return to any hockey activity until written permission is given by a medical Doctor. Copies of such documentation MUST be submitted to the League Office prior to the participant’s return to any hockey activity. Please review the concussion awareness document in the rule book.

Presentation/ All Star Day: 

Presentation/ All Star Day Designed as a fun interactive way to receive team awards. Runs during the final weekend of the season, usually end of April. All-star team formats. See NYHL rule book All-star selection process. NYHL rule book section 14.4

Billets/Teams for Jim Baird Memorial: 

Billets/Teams for Jim Baird Memorial

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