A Modern Approach to Displaying Photos

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If you’re anything like I am, you might be a bit nostalgic for the practice of displaying photos in your home. For more information visit here: https://www.crystalprints.com/


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A Modern Approach to Displaying Photos:

A Modern Approach to Displaying Photos

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Like most people living in the era of smart phones, I take most of my photos with my phone, where they either sit in my photo file or, occasionally, graduate to social media. I’ve told myself a thousand times that one day, I’ll get some of my favorite photos printed and framed, so I can display them in my home. It seems like there is never a day when I can find the free time to go out, have my photos printed, and find the perfect frame to match my taste in decor. With Crystal Prints, I found a new way to display my photos without having to do the legwork. Crystal Prints is a company that takes photos and uses laser technology to engrave them into glass crystals, all with a few easy steps that can all be done online. All I have to do is choose the unique crystal that suits my taste, choose a photo, and let the experts at Crystal Prints handle the rest.

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They offer a plethora of styles of crystal. You can choose a panel with a light-up base to illuminate your photo in a way that can’t be done with a paper copy. You could also choose a paperweight style crystal in a variety of shapes, from sleek, neat cubes to rustic iceberg cuts. They even have practical, useful options such as bottle stoppers, keychains , and flash drives. Keep your favorite image with you at all times by having it engraved into a glass crystal pendant.

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Crystal Prints can even use 2D images to produce 3D photos in glass crystals. All you have to do is simply send in a few photos of one subject from different angles and a team of experts will use photo editing software to create a cohesive 3D image. This way, you can have a full representation of the subject you choose.

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Crystal Prints is dedicated to ensuring quality. They know that their products are very personal items and want to do all they can to let you customize your order to be perfect. You can opt to choose multiple pictures for a collage. If you want to, you can add text to make your print even more customizable. Ordering from Crystal Prints is easy. After you’ve chosen your favorite crystal design, send in the digital photos you’ve selected as well as any text you may want to add, and let them do the rest. For just ten dollars more, you can choose to receive a proof image of your product before it is shipped, so that you can see the product and be sure that it really is what you want. Crystal Prints’ 2D and 3D photos in glass crystals are great additions to any home. They are beautiful, with a personal unique charm that makes them truly special. Perfect for gifts or commemorating a special moment, these products never disappoint. To see even more of Crystal Prints’ glass crystal designs, visit them online today.

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Contact Us Add: 1554 Taylors Island Road, Woolford , Maryland 21677 Phone: 844-221-5100 Email: wayne@crystalprints.com Website: www.crystalprints.com Crystal Prints Inc.

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