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Irish Hockey Association: 

Irish Hockey Association Branch Support Program ‘Hooked’ Conference – UCD 7th January 2007 Robin Madeley National Development Officer


Contents The last 10 months…? A brief overview of what has been achieved in 2006. The National Development Plan. What is the Branch Support Program? An overview of how this process can affect YOUR club Annual process The Branch Support Program at work? Highlights the seven areas that require most focus What happens next? The time scales! The people! The communication! Questions?

The Last Ten Months…..: 

The Last Ten Months….. Consultation process – NDP Identification of Development priorities Increase profile of NGB at National events Development of Branch Support Program Release of NDP Goal keeping workshop Development centre Receipt of Branch Development Plans - Review Appointment of Coach Development Manager Branches notified of forthcoming support Implementation – Partnership with key stakeholders Constant review

Branch Support Program – An Overview: 

Branch Support Program – An Overview The means by which the Irish Hockey Association can support locally crafted, branch led development programs Annual process Club input – Encourages planning element Templates, support from IHA! Focus on areas of development priority e.g. Volunteers, new umpires.

The Branch Support Program at Work: 

The Branch Support Program at Work Development Priorities Volunteers – Easier with more support Increase participation Coach Education Umpire Development Hockey communications - Website School/Club links Code of Ethics and Good practice in children’s sport Volunteer questionnaire Coach education calendar – by branch and National coaching database Umpire development plan – IHUA branch meetings. Munster 22.01.07 Regional Development Officers Increased focus around schools Equipment support Code of Ethics integration

What happens next?: 

What happens next? The timescales – NOW!!!!!!!!! The people – Partnership and inclusive process The communication – Timely and relevant Web-sites



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