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Presentation Description This doc has been prepared to assist parents in understanding more about umbilical cord stem cell banking and preservation.


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What Diseases are treated using Stem cells A fact sheet brought you by CryoSave Arabia on Stem Cell Preservation and Banking

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Did you Know The cells contained in the cord blood have potential therapeutic value in the treatment of blood disorders immune diseases and the regenerative medicine ‘Regenerative medicine refers to a group of biomedical approaches to clinical therapies that may involve the use of stem cells’ according to Wikipedia

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Cord Blood Stem Cells Cord Blood is the blood remains in the baby’s umbilical cord and placenta after birth which is a rich source of stem cells

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Cord Tissue Stem Cells Cord tissue fills baby’s umbilical cord found around blood vessels. The stem cells found in cord tissue are generally not found in Cord Blood

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Treatments using Stem cells • Stroke • Traumatic brain injury • Learning defects • Alzheimers disease • Parkinsons disease

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Treatments using Stem cells • Missing teeth • Wound healing • Bone marrow transplantation

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Treatment using Stem cells • Baldness • Blindness • Deafness

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Treatments using Stem cells • Amyotrophic lateral-sclerosis • Spinal cord injury • Osteoarthritis • Myocardial infarction • Muscular dystrophy

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Treatments using Stem cells • Blood diseases and Cancers • Rheumatoid arthritis • Diabetes

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Other Therapy using Stem cells • Cerebral Palsy • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy • Traumatic Brain Injury • Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome • Autism

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If you are an expectant parent in UAE VISIT US NOW CryoSave Arabia Dubai Healthcare City 64 Al Razi Medical Complex P.O. Box 502421 9718002796Toll Free

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Who we are CryoSave is the fastest growing baby stem cell preservation facility in the world. Established in the year 2000 CryoSave has stored more 250000+ cells at our various stem cell storage facilities worldwide.

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CryoSave Advantage We have three wholly-owned and accredited laboratories with state- of-the-art equipment staffed by experts with excellent technical know-how.

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CryoSave Advantage We are also accredited as a Licensed Organ Tissue Establishment for the collection analysis processing and preservation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue.

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CryoSave - Trust CryoSave is the most trusted stem cell banking facility in Dubai you can rest assured that your sample is in safe hands.

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