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CryoSave has been in the business of stem cell banking for families around the world since 2000. We are the leading stem cell and umbilical cord blood banking facility in Europe. CryoSave has preserved samples from over 70 countries, across 6 continents. To date, we have banked more than 250000+ cells. With ultra-modern stem cell storage and processing facilities in Belgium, Germany, Dubai, India and South Africa, we employ more than 300 people worldwide, which include medical professionals and lab technicians. Officially accredited by regulatory authorities, CryoSave is committed to research and is the most reliable option for stem cell storage in Dubai.


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CryoSave :

CryoSave S tem C ell Banking & Stem Cell Preservation

CryoSave The Family Stem Cell Bank :

CryoSave The Family Stem Cell Bank CryoSave The Family Stem Cell Bank

Leading Family Stem Cell Bank in Europe :

Leading Family Stem Cell Bank in Europe 250,000+ Stem Cell Samples Preserved Licensed Organ & Tissue Establishment Collection, Analysis, Processing and Preservation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue

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Our Mission CryoSave wants to be recognized as a global centre of excellence in the storage of adult stem cells and tissues for therapeutic applications. Our Vision CryoSave believes that adult stem cells will contribute substantially, in the near future, to the treatment practices of a growing number of diseases and in the long term will increase general health expectations.

What We Do:

What We Do Stem Cells can be used in the treatment of over 70 diseases, with the numbers increasing with modern medical research . We preserve stem cells, obtained from the umbilical cord, in our state-of-the-art laboratories, based on the strictest scientific and industrial standards.

What we guarantee :

What we guarantee High quality standards for transport, processing and security Professional Expertise with 12+ years experience, 20+ medical doctors, 40+ lab technicians Dual Storage for additional safety High-level research collaborations with leading universities, physicians and stem cell scientists Accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Health’s Farmatec and Belgian regulatory authority – FAGG (Belgium lab), ISO certified (Belgium and India labs), AABB (Dubai and India labs), and WHO GMP (Belgium and India labs)

Our Facilities :

Our Facilities State-of-the-art processing and storage facilities in Belgium , Germany , Dubai , India and South Africa CryoSave Quality Management System structured according to the ISO 9001, AABB and FACT guidelines  Full traceability from the client through to the laboratory and storage facilities

Interested in preserving your child’s stem cells? :

Interested in preserving your child’s stem cells? Order our Free Info Pack now, and find out all there is to know about securing a healthy future for your baby . Order Free Info Pack!

Visit us:

Visit us Do Visit our website

Contact us:

Contact us Cryo -Save Arabia, Dubai Healthcare City , 64 Al Razi Medical Complex, P.O. Box 502421 9718002796(Toll Free) 97143604412 97143604410 971508648975 971504513546 971501517847

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