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Crowd source delivery was a great way in making delivery service fast and yet on budget. Crowd to Go is an innovative crowd-based delivery solution that offers a competitive and a premium kind of delivery service.


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It is now pretty obvious how e- commerce innovate the existing market. People tend to skip stores and rather choose the convenience of online retailers. Thus to compete this many have built their own online stores and combat with wider availability of the product free shipping and more payment method options. Hence the evolving invasion of e-commerce caused a big competition on how to satiate and satisfy more customers. Since it was already a given fact that these e-commerce businesses can provide a convenient way to shop for products people is now looking how these companies can improvise a convenient way of delivering the orders as fastest as possible.

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Some of these e-commerce and may be most of them mandate the customers to do the pick-up on certain places or most frequently on their shopping centers typically because they cannot reach your place anymore having the reason of lack vicinity some of them have local delivery but because they are lacking of manpower they are unable to deliver the package right away and worse they cannot even cite a definite time some of these e-commerce may also offer fast delivery services but because of the expensive shipment the customer rather choose a longer period because they cannot afford the same day delivery.

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These instances are the laterals that people is eyeing at. Crowd to Go is a company that can take an adlib with these e-commerce c om p a ni e s ’ dilemmas. Crowd to Go is an innovative crowd-based delivery solution that provides fast secured and premium kind of delivery service but yet we offer it on budget that any companies especially online retailers can afford. This kind of high quality delivery service is possible because Crowd to Go uses crowdsourcing system or crowd source delivery service wherein we have people called as “ c r ow d i e ” that do the delivery using their smartphone to receive the task and a convenient mode of transporting the packages.

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Crowd source delivery was an advantage that Crowd to Go offers and the following are some of them: we had plenty of freelancers that are scattered everywhere they might be nearby and so can immediately submit their selves to deliver your packages fast no more lacking of man power having a kind of crowd source delivery we can offer it cheap because we do not pay for any maintenance cost and we only pay for utilized time that the Crowdie had rendered Crowdsourcing helps to market the business Through crowdsourcing we improvise part time jobs for students and others.

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Crowd source delivery is definitely a very beneficial system that Crowd to Go offers. For more info just visit us at

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