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This presentation is made by Team CrowdInvest, presenting the facts about Crowdfunding in UK. The slide contains : 1) What is Equity Crowdfunding ? 2) What matters to investors the most ? 3) What make Equity crowdfunding a fit for business ? 4) Facts about Equity Crowdfunding : UK 5) Facts about Equity Crowdfunding : Benefits for Economy 6) Facts about Equity Crowdfunding : UK Investors 7) Why Invest through equity crowdfunding ? 8) Why raise through equity crowdfunding ? 9) Why raise through CrowdInvest ? Source about facts : The UK Alternative Finance industry Report 2014 Read more at : http://www.slideshare.net/CrowdInvest/equity-crowdfunding-in-uk-crowdinvest


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UK Alternative finance industry report

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