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"EQUALLY-YOKED" - An Introduction to the Social Phenomena - Liberal Arts.


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Equally-Yoked (Equallyoked) Sociology 101 Liberal Arts and Humanities WEBINAR


Disclaimer The viewer assumes all responsibility in an understanding of the topic associated with the presentation precepts here within. Issues that differ within diverse sociocultural perspectives worldwide must be decided upon individually and not to be taken too literal and globally. Limitations in language translation and grammar must been taken into account and decided upon when using this material for advanced research studies and/or professional post-doctorial work. This presentation is to be used for educational purposes only . - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


“Equally-Yoked” The term ' Equally-Yoked ' (also, equallyoked) is made up from two words meanings; “ Equally ” - meaning “alike”, in a “balanced” manner, “the same” or…….. to “the same” degree of, etc., and; “ Yoked ” – means (Latin 'to join‘), …fastened around the neck to join together, …something burdened with. History: …….may have evolved from synonyms, with meanings, such as: Equitably, Fairly, Justly . Sentence: “They were an ‘ equally-yoked ’ couple of from families of just ordinary means.” - Etymology (Equally-Yoked)

“Equally-Yoked” is pronounced..:

“Equally-Yoked” is pronounced.. …“ Eek quel ee + Yoak‘d ” and is when a couple - who recognize, related to, believe in, bonds with, and marries one other purposefully related to the same (or nearly the same) ‘ Civil Identity ’ * - thus are considered in a multi-cultural society, ‘ equallyoked ’. * ‘ Civil Identity ’ (a Social Psychology term) - describes a mosaic of features concerning an individual’s present: Ethnicity, political party membership, race and color, religious membership, disability/handicap, age group/generation, (proper) sexual orientation, familial status, and marital status. - Introduction to Social Psychology (Also, ‘Equally Yoked’)

The term, “Equally-Yoked”:

The term, “Equally-Yoked” The term 'Equallyoked' (also, equally yoked) probable came about from the Bible – wherein Jews marrying Jews, Muslims marrying Muslims, Christians marrying Christians, etc, etc, etc. It is a social phenomena that exists in all multicultural societies - peoples of the same de facto ‘Civil Identity' marrying one another for reasons of good self-esteem, religious beliefs, and preserving the integrity of their family identity – expressly for abiding in social mores and therefore community (psychosocial) health. - Word Origins / Philosophy / Sociology 101


“Endogamy” Endogamy means, “in-marriage” – and is when an individual – according to his/or her own social customs… (comment: this may be more like community (psychosocial) health, such as, a cultural/social mores, or even an actual doctrinal religious ‘law’) …. ….marries an another individual within his or her own cultural “Social group”*. *Note; a “Social group” may be a village, a tribe, a sect or cult, a…region, or in now in modern times-even a de facto ‘Civil Identity’,.. - Sociocultural Anthropology

“Civil identity”:

“Civil identity” Ethnicity : American of Soviet Union heritage. Political Party : Libertarian Party Race : Anglo-Semitic, Color : Medium complexion Religion : Judeo-Christian Disability : Learning disability Gender : Male & Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual Marital Status : Single-Yet to Marry Couples who share the same or very similar ‘Civil Identities’ recognize, relate to, belief in, bond together in marriage and family who are living in a multicultural society are considered ‘equally-yoked’. An Example: - An Intro. to Soc. Psy.

a Social Phenomena..:

a Social Phenomena.. “A couple (usually a heterosexual dyadic) who are of very similar or the same ‘ Civil Identity ’..” “Any couples who are bonded together and who are of the ‘same’ or ‘very similar ’ Civil identities …” “A marital couple who marries - with their backgrounds related to their ‘Civil Identity.’ - Sociology 101: Social Phenomenology

Dyadic Psychology:

Dyadic Psychology Equallyokedtarians are of interest to social psychologists because they represent a dyadic group of the same ‘Civil identity.’ Couples who primarily choose to bond and marry together ‘because’ they are the ‘same’ or ‘very similar ’ Civil Identities, among other reasons, may contribute to marital longevity - staying together for a lifetime as.. evidenced. The measured ‘self esteem’ of individuals as a marital couple -marrying with backgrounds related to their own ‘Civil Identities’ are worthy marital satisfaction studies as well. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

“Civil Identity”:

“Civil Identity” - Ethnicity: - Politics: - Religion: - Race: - Color: - Age: - Sex: - Sex preference: - Marital status: - Ethnicity: - Politics: - Religion: - Race: - Color: - Age: - Sex: - Sex preference: - Marital status: - Sociology: 101 ‘de facto’ (in fact, in reality) personality personality

Social Perspectives:

Social Perspectives “ Equallyokedtarians ” are those couples - who are ‘equally-yoked’ - yet having varying points of views* about their marriage relationship: * “ Liberals: a couple-marrying one another-while sharing in vague beliefs, i.e., explained as the same ‘spirit’ or attitude about some issue.” * “ Moderates: marrying one another r/t ‘very similar’ civil identities-close enough for them.” * “ Conservatives: marriage between two people who share the same or fairly ‘equal’ ‘Civil Identities’.” - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

Coupling up….:

Coupling up…. “Nonequallyoked” – Couples who do recognize equallyokedtarianism as a social mores and yet for their own ulterior motives still choose to violate social mores as an rash option. “Unequallyoked” – Couples who are naïve, and thus inadvertently demonstrate an opposition to equallyokedtarianism-a social mores. “Anti-equallyoked” – Couples who are a bit mentally/ emotionally disturbed and are deliberately active against proper socialization, contrary to equallyokedtarianism and social mores. - Introduction to Social Psychology …in a ‘hook up’ culture

Why “Equally-Yoked”?:

Why “Equally-Yoked”? Motives - a couple who are ‘equally-yoked’ may do so for a variety of reasons-some of which include: – Beliefs about life, self-image, truth and God, death, etc. – Bonding for long term love, romance, and sex. – Marriage, family/children, and financial goals. Self esteem – individuals with a clear sense of ‘self’-marrying someone of a ‘like’ civil identity. Family identity – to maintain the integrity and the longevity of the extended family identity. Social mores – a preserved cultural standard in a multicultural society for the sake of community (psychosocial) health. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology


Examples: Ethnicity: Euro-American Political Party: Republican Race: Anglo, Color: Light Religion: Christian Disability: None Known Age: 21 ½ Sex: Male Preference: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Ethnicity: Euro-American Political Party: Republican Race: Anglo, Color: Light Religion: Christian Disability: None Known Age: 21 Sex: Female Preference: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Example 1 Example 2 - Sociology 101

“Equally-yoked” - QUIZ:

“Equally-yoked” - QUIZ (1.) What is the origin of the term “ equally yoked ? Just how is it significantly related to Sociology? Social psychology? Psychiatric Sociology? Marriage, Family, Child Psychology? (2.) According to the presentation, where have concentrated couples/groups with the same de facto ‘ civil identities ’ been located? (3.)Turn in your answers on a single sheet of paper, preferably typed, double spaced, with name and date due in upper right corner. - Due Next Class

A List of Some Schools:

A List of Some Schools Gallaudet U., Amherst Coll., Reed Coll., Hampshire Coll., Little Priest Tribal Coll., Grinnell Coll., Warren Wilson Coll., Colorado Coll., Vassar Coll., DePauw U., Denison U., U. of Alabama in Huntsville, Occidental Coll., Connecticut Coll., Willamette U., Benedict Coll., Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center, Oberlin Coll., Swarthmore Coll., Arkansas Baptist Coll., Trinity Coll., Bard Coll., Williams Coll., Ohio Wesleyan U., Randolph Macon Coll., Dartmouth Coll., Wheaton Coll. Norton, Shepherd U., Lane Coll., Linfield Coll., McMinnville, Princeton U., Bowie State U., Hamilton Coll., ITT Tech Inst. Lexington, U. of New Hampshire, Eckerd Coll., U. of Richmond, Bowdoin Coll., Mid Atlantic Christian U., Citadel Military Coll. Of S. Carolina, Mitchell Coll., Landmark Coll., Davidson Coll., Bucknell U., Haverford Coll., Bate Coll., Miller Motte Tech. Coll. Macon, Cheyney U. of Penn., Wittenberg U., Dickinson Coll , Gustavus Adolphus Coll., Siena Coll., Bryant U., Carleton Coll., Enterprise State Community Coll., Knox Coll., Loma Linda U.., Gettysburg Coll., U. of South Maine, Ursinus Coll., U. of Redlands, Morrisville State Coll , Norwich U., Shimer Coll., Central State U., South Carolina State U.., Lawrence U., Stanford U., St. Marys Coll., of Maryland, Stonehill Coll., Macalester Coll., Cazenovia Coll., U. of Mass, Darmouth , Coe Coll., Claremonth McKenna Coll., Wesleyan U., Western Illinosis U., Castelton State Coll., Herzing U. Atlanta, Brown U., Skidmore Coll., SUNY Coll. Of Tech at Alfred., Northern Michigan U., Furman U., Grady Health System Profess. Schools, Lewis & Clark Coll., Ramapo Coll of New Jersey, Harvard U., SUNY Coll. At Brockport, Pacific Lutheran U., Lynchburg Coll., SUNY at Purchase Coll., Gonzaga U., U of Rochester, Manhattanville Coll., St Anselm Coll., Assumption Coll., St Norbert Coll., Roger Williams U., Beloit Coll. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” :

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” II Corinthians 6:14 Liberal Arts and Humanities Quote: ‘de facto’ (in fact, in reality)

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