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How artificial Intelligence helps to create effective social media marketing Create Marketing Content Through AI Powered Text AI helps to find your target demography find what messaging works best for which type of audience and what price range and offers work best for people. Demis Hassabis the famed AI researcher calls AI the “science of making machines smart.” Equipped with AI smartness brands believe they can conquer their market segment with utmost ease. Is it so easy Let us introspect. An effective social media marketing agency is a must in any brand’s marketing approach. However it is easier said than done. In a survey only 48 of businesses answered that they received positive benefit from their social media channels. This clearly

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depicts 50 of the social media communications are not effective directed or engaging in their content. Not so smart now huh After such a rejection most brands have no clue of where they went wrong or when their social media campaign failed equipped with AI in their arsenal. For AI to generate positive results for the brand it must be thoroughly trained with the most appropriate keywords for the brand’s target audience. When consumers are able to connect with the brand’s message on an interpersonal level it is then that the magic happens. If the brand is successful in triggering all the right emotions then it ensures that the brand name sticks with the consumer in the long run. A picture is worth a thousand words only if it is targeted to the right audience. It has been proven time and again that social media posts with visuals are more engaging than text alone. On Twitter tweets with images received 18 more clicks than tweets without images. This proves that creative is the most critical element of social advertisements. This can well be the making or breaking point for many brands. AI is no magic genie that will make your brand do wonders if you cannot train and integrate it with your brand positioning. Creating social advertisements that are relevant and engaging is not something that can be achieved without a game

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plan focussing on content marketing and branding. With all that being said brands now have a tremendous opportunity to use this tool work in their favour. Used properly it can give them an upper hand against the competition and make the brand position well in their respective market segment.

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