Development of Children in a Montessori schools

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Development of Children in a Montessori schools:

Development of Children in a Montessori schools Montessori schools make use of art in different ways. At the basic level, with the help of art children learn to use pencil and draw lines, it also includes other more practical exercises like cutting, weaving, sewing and stencils, which go a long way in the development of children.

Children learn to express themselves:

Children learn to express themselves Children get to express themselves through art, it helps them portrait their emotions and feelings in a better way. Montessori Method provides open ended activities which helps children to explore and use their imagination to the fullest.

Art provides solid foundation:

Art provides solid foundation Art , with other educational methods provides children with solid foundation for growth. Children are exploring, expressing, developing and creating themselves through art at all times. Montessori Method provides an environment that encourages the children to express themselves through different mediums such as pencils, clay, pastels, paints, and crayons.

It is all about the process not the end-result:

It is all about the process not the end-result With art it is the process that matters not the result, child’s way of interacting with the outside world is completely different to that of an adult, children like to develop through observing, their focus is to have fun while learning and growing at the same time. If a child ends up creating something, protecting it does not really matter them it is the whole process that gives them inner joy and satisfaction.

In a world of their own:

In a world of their own Children are not worried about creating something special for someone it’s all about learning, having fun and moving on to the next level, that is the reason children’s creations are always unique and sometimes very strange in their own way, as they live in a world of their own. Montessori Method encourages the children to emphasize on the process of creating rather than the end result, which means children are encouraged to explore , try different things and experiment with different art mediums without being pressurized to finish the project in a certain way.

Everything is accessible at all times:

Everything is accessible at all times As opposed to traditions teaching methods, children can access all art items at all times, they are free to choose the skills they want to practice. In traditional schools, art material is only available to children at specific times and the adults are directing the children on how to use the material rather than the children themselves taking control.

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