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This Montessori school in Somerset, NJ provides early childhood education from Montessori to elementary school in an environment that induces learning through experience and creativity, laugh and play. Crestwood Montessori School incorporates ways to encourage creativity, healthy living and success in children through different activities such as Yoga, art programs and environmental studies. For more information


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Homeschooling or No Homeschooling – The Impact of Montessori Education on Child’s Personality :

Homeschooling or No Homeschooling – The Impact of Montessori Education on Child’s Personality The early years of a child are extremely essential. They first five years of a child’s life are foundation years ; according to a research, a child can absorb the most until age 5. That’s one of the reasons, why little children can pick up different languages easily and learn to adopt behaviors and habits from others so quickly.

The Importance of Montessori Schooling:

The Importance of Montessori Schooling Many parents opt homeschooling for their child’s first few years. They provide Montessori education at home, to ensure their child not only learns academics but also learns social skills, discipline, etc. Montessori schooling is extremely important for any child. Mainstream Montessori schools offer a great learning environment that is boosted with the help of learning tools, building confidence, self reliance and self confidence. Montessori homeschoolers get an added benefit in this case; they are provided Montessori education in a less formal and more open setting of their home where they can easily open up their creative side.

The Impact of Montessori Education on a Child’s Personality:

The Impact of Montessori Education on a Child’s Personality Montessori education greatly affects how a child is going to be come as an adult. The experiences of early childhood shape a person’s personality and character. The modern Montessori methods have evolved keeping in mind how early childhood education can influence a child’s personality. The right learning tools and a nurturing environment can help a child exhibit his or her creative, analytical and problem solving skills alongside enhancing his or social skills. The freedom of choosing what to learn and how to learn can greatly affect a child’s personality, whether he or she is a homeschooler or part of mainstream school system. Children who are given the freedom of choosing what and how to learn have stronger personalities once they reach adulthood.

New ways of learning:

New ways of learning Whether you choose to home school your child or not, you must keep abreast of the new ways of learning and tutoring your child. This is essential for moms as the tutoring and learning techniques keep evolving with time. Today, children require more freedom and choice to opt for what and how they want to learn and tackle problems. Even though most moms would find it very daunting to deal with, in the long run such children grow up to be independent and self reliant. The urge and eagerness to do things on their own is a great trait in any person; the only thing in such a case required of moms is to help nurture and channelize these capabilities to help their children develop in to healthy and strong adults.

Looking for a Good Montessori School:

Looking for a Good Montessori School Many good schools provide top quality Montessori education that is essential for your child’s development. These Montessori schools aim to help the child grow into physically, psychologically and physiologically stable adults. They understand the importance of early childhood education which is why they provide the appropriate learning environment that hones the skills of little children, whether its art, problem solving, social, or analytical tools. A healthy mix of all learning tools is offered to children to help them grow into positive and healthy adults.

Crestwood Montessori School:

Crestwood Montessori School Contact Details: Address: 92 Cortelyous Lane Somerset, NJ 08873 Number: 732-333-8311 Director: Ann Mooney Email: Website: Thank you.

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