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To do well in Facilities know your Customer and know what they Expect


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Crescent Foundry To do well in Facilities know your Customer and know what they Expect

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Foundry Facilities In our core foundry business we are equipped to offer a full range of serv ices ranging from in-house product d evelopment to molding in-house ma chining as well as the facilities to pr ovide the moststringent product testi ng. As an industry leader we have comprehensive international standard production facilities geared to our quest for qualitative excellence as well as quantitative growth.

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High Pressure Moulding The first plant has been live since June 2014 with a melting capacity of 25000 tons per annum. The m aterials are Grey/Ductile Iron with a Maximum Bunch Weight of 60 k g. The future projection is to have 3 more plants with a further 75000 tons per annum capacity. Crescent Fo und r y’ s has a state of the art plant with Sinto Flaskless High Pressure Molding Line. The location of the new plant is Vadodara Gujarat spanning over an area of 160000 sq. meters and an overall projection of 4 plants across 40 acres of land that has been acquired.

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Vacuum Moulding What sets vacuum-moulded casti ng apart from others is the high quality of the surface and the ex cellent dimensional accuracy. On certain conditions it can utilized without pattern draft which usual ly is necessary for conventional c asting processes. That means red uction or even elimination of add itional weight and subsequent m achining in individual cases. Vacuum moulded casting process also known in manufacturing industry as the V process is a casting process that was developed in Japan around 1970. Crescent Foundry is I ndia’ s first and largest counterweight foundry. • Box Sizes: 17001400500/400 mm and 17002800550/1050 mm • Maximum Casting: 6000 kgs • Grades as per ASTM and EN

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Fabrication We have an in-house fabrication shop which produces the following: • Drilling and Machining Fixtures • Checking Gauges • Pallets and Crates used for Packaging • Fabricated End Products

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Testing Physical UTM machine for Tensile Dimensional Measurements using CMM FARO Automatic Sand Testing at Mixer Sand Testing Lab Brinell Hardness Testing Load and Pull Testing for EN124/AASHTO Castings Municipal Only Chemical Bruker 26 element Spectrometer with Digital Display at Furnaces Carbon Silicon analysers Wet Lab Paint Salt Spray Test Glossometer Paint Hardness Tester Humidity Meter At each shipment Radiation Checking for incoming/outgoing Dimensional and Functional Testing UT MPI and Radiography on need basis

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Contact Address : "LORDS BUILDING“ Suite 406 4th Floor 7/1 Lord Sinha Road Kolkata 700 071 INDIA Ph : +91 33 40800100 / 40800111/ 22826819 Email Id : cfcrescentfoundry.in Web : https://crescentfoundry.com/

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