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CORPORATE PROFILE Crescent Foundry was established in 1982. We manufacture products for over 32 countries around the world which include USA Canada Norway Sweden Denmark Finland UK and N Ireland Portugal Spain France Germany Austria Italy Malta Greece Croatia Cyprus Oman Kuwait Qatar UAE Bahrain S Africa Kazakhstan Singapore Thailand Chile Uruguay Australia New Zealand and India. We have a production capacity of 50000 tons between grey iron ductile iron and steel fabrication. Our foundry has DISA molding machines ARPA 450 and ARPA 900 as well as hand molding. We have recently upgraded our material handling systems so that we can pour and handle heavy castings weighing up to 2000 kgs. Our products are used in the following sectors: 1.Municipal 2.Decorative 3.Airport/Port/Telecom 4. Agricultural 5.Automotive Construction Equipment Counterweights for tractors and wheel loaders 6.Elevator Counterweights

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Crescent Foundry is the leading manufacturer biggest exporter of highest quality Cast Iron Grey and Ductile Iron SG manhole covers in India for Drainage and Sewerage usage. Our extensive product range includes: Square Rectangular manhole covers Carriageway/Telecom covers Circular manhole covers Recessed manhole covers Gas Air Tight Inspection manhole covers Catch Basin covers Kerb Drain manhole covers Surface Boxes P R O D U C T S MANHOLE COVERS

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R E C Y C L E SAND CRESCENT uses Green Sand for molding which suggests that sand is bonded with water and there is no use of chemicals in the sand. 98 of sand has been recycled. Sand is cleaned using various stages of magnetic separator. First bigger particles are removed using magnetic drum in a conveyor belt. There after finer particles are separated by magnetic gravity separation. We recycle cast iron and steel scrap in our furnaces. Boring and fines generated during the casting and machining processes are briquetted in-house and are re melted. 98 of our sand is recycled as well. IRON FINES To prevent IRON FINES from getting into soil by land filling contractors CRESCENT has installed Briquetting Machine. This machine does compaction of the iron fines into small cylindrical pieces. These pieces are then charged into cupola for re-melting. In this way iron fines are prevented from getting into soil. CRESCENT has been in the fore front in protecting environment from pollution. It is the first foundry to have ISO 14001:2004.

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