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There are so many banks and NBFCs, offering home loan that it can be quite confusing to choose.


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Home Loans By CreditNation


Introduction: Kevin MacCloud said: “Building your own house is about desire, Fantasy. But it’s achievable; anyone can do it”. He is right, anyone can do it. Nothing is impossible, not even owning a house. It is certainly possible for you, to build your own house, without even worrying about money. How? Well! You plan how you want to build your house and the Home Loan will take care of money problem. Home loan is a secured loan, which you can get from banks and NBFCs to own a house and house, here means a flat, a row house or a plot of land. You can even use the home loan for the construction of a house.


Types of loan: 1. Land Purchase Loan: These loans are taken to buy a plot of land on which a borrower wants to construct a house. 2. Home purchase loan: These are the most popular loans as they are behooveful to purchase a new residential property or an old house from its previous owners. 3. Home construction loans: These loans are for those who want to construct a house, instead of buying an already built house.


4. Home expansion/extension loan: The name itself shows that these loans are for the purpose of expanding you existing house. 5. Home improvement loans: These loans are for those who already own the house but don’t have enough funds to renovate their house. 6. H ome conversion loans: These is for those who already bought the house, using home loan, but now want to move or buy another house. 7. NRI home loans: As the name suggest, these loans are only for non-residents of India.


8. Balance transfer loans: Balance transfer is transferring your existing loan to another bank for better rate of interest. 9. Stamp duty loans: Stamp duty loans are provided to use only for paying off the stamp duty charges, on purchase of a property. 10. Bridged loans: These loans are for those who already own a residential property and planning to buy a new house.


Home loan interest rate : Fixed Interest Rate : As the name suggest, this interest rate doesn’t fluctuate and remains the same over the tenure of the loan. Floating Interest Rate: This interest rate doesn’t fluctuate and remains the same over the tenure of the loan.


Documents required: Salaried financial Documents: Last 3 month’s salary slip 6 months bank statement Form 16 of last 2 years Self-Employed financial Documents: Bank statement Current account statement of last 1 year Savings account statement of last 6 months Business and residence ownership proof( Any registration Proof) Last 2 years ITR with computation of income Property documents: Title Deed of the property(existing or purchased) being mortgaged NOC from legal owners NOC from statutory authority e.g. Co-operative Housing Society Stamped and registered agreement of sale between previous owner and the borrower


Eligibility Age: 1. Minimum age of Applicant 24 years 2.Maximum age at loan Maturity 60 years KYC: PAN CARD AADHAR CARD VOTER ID UTILITY BILLS


Process to apply : Home loan application Discussion with the bank Bank Investigation Offer Letter for the loan sanction Submission of legal documents Technical Valuation of property Registration and Signing


Perfect place to get the home loan There are so many banks and NBFCs, offering home loan that it can be quite confusing to choose which one to go for and then doing all the formalities can be a pain. Established in 2014, CreditNation is a growing financial service provider, where you can get the best Home Loan . You must be thinking why CreditNation ? Because we assist you throughout the process, so that you can get the loan without even going anywhere and we provide you all the transparent information about your application, at each stage. So, Feel free to contact us for any related query and we’ll be more than happy to help you.


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