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How to become a full stack developer – one of the most discussed topics among developers. There are a lot of developers putting a job title as full stack developer on social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and even, most of the startups and enterprise are looking to hire full stack developer for their project. Both in web-based and training centers, the boom of full stack developer has been growing, as the demand of full stack developer among startups is increasing.


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How to become a full stack developer – one of the most discussed topics among developers. There are a lot of developers putting a job title as full stack developer on social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and even most of the startups and enterprise are looking to hire full stack developer for their project. Both in web-based and training centers the boom of full stack developer has been growing as the demand of full stack developer among startups is increasing. As per the Labor-Statistics-U.S. Bureau reports full stack developer jobs will exceed by 853000 in 2024. also reports that full stack developers earn the second highest payouts. Who is a full stack developer In general terms a full stack developer is a person who have gained expertise in handling databases servers systems engineering and clients. Full stack means a collection of a series of technologies that required to complete a project where Stack means a collection of sub-modules. A full stack web developer has expertise in coding the frontend and backend of web application and can develop both client and server software. The frontend is the part of a web application that the user sees touches and experiences. It includes JavaScript CSS Angular.js React JS HTML5 and so on. The backend is the part of the application that executes the commands issued by the user. It functions behind the scenes and acts as an enabler for a frontend experience. Usually backend development database-related processes logical processes validation of users and server configuration. What is Full Stack Developer Salary The full stack developer salary depends on its demand. The average salary of a full stack developer is 111640 / per year according to a survey conducted by Indeed. The average salary of frontend developer is 88680 per year and backend developer is 70676 per year according to the Glassdoor’s report. The demand of web developers software engines and full stack developers increase. Among them full stack developer ranked second in the list of Best Jobs of 2018 reported by Indeed.

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Source- indeed Full Stack Developer Job Description • Must have a degree in computer science • Having strong organizational and project management skills. • Experience with relational database concepts design administration security optimization and SQL reporting. • Expertise in front-end languages like JavaScript CSS HTML5 HTML • Design and develop User Interface by using the framework and libraries like jQuery React AngularJs etc. • Having a good understanding of server-side languages such as Java PHP .Net etc. and server-side frameworks such as NodeJS. • Expertise in database technology like MySQL Oracle and MongoDB. Full Stack Developer Job Trends Skill Required Some reports of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS also says that the full stack web developer requirements are booming path ahead. For a span of a decade the growth rate will be increasing with 13 from 2016 to 2026. As compared to other developer’s job requirements the upsurge rate of full stack developer is higher. To become a full stack developer you have to gain expertise in the following skills. Back-end Technologies: Full stack developers have worked with many programming languages like C JAVA Node.js PHP etc. along with to have a strong grasp over logical processes database-related processes validation of users and server configuration. Front-end Technologies: Have the capability to define excellent UX and create responsive web design using their expertise in front-end coding and development with basic front-end technologies like HTML5

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JavaScript CSS3 and the front-end frameworks and third-party libraries like AngularJS JQuery REACT etc. Learn more about Hybrid Mobile App UI Frameworks: HTML5 CSS and JS Databases Web Storage: Full-stack developers have the ability to understand develop manipulate and query the database. They have experience in working with databases like MongoDB MySQL MS SQL Server Redis and Hadoop. In addition they have an idea about relational and non-relational databases along with the syntax of XML / JSON. JavaScript Must have knowledge about JavaScript its features new libraries and frameworks i.e. Angular or React as JavaScript plays an important role in full-Stack front-end and back-end development. Git Github Bit Bucket: Full stack developers must have experience of working with Git. They must have their profile on GitHub to keep track of all the changes made in codebase. HTTP/ REST: Possessing a good understanding of HTTPS/ REST as the API REST allows the backend to understand the frontend to get data or create operations on that data in all possible formats. HTML/CSS: Must have an understanding of HTML and CSS to build blocks of the web to style the content and beautify user experience in a better way. Web Architecture: Having in-depth knowledge of developing a complex web application by structuring the code separating the file and storing the files and structuring the data in databases to perform some computational tasks. UI/UX: Full stack designers must have proficiency in HTML and CSS to create an interactive and engaging web design that garnering maximum user attention. 4 Tips to Become a Successful Full Stack Developer

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Be Master of Single Technology The scope of learning is endless and thus there is much more to learn than to become master of everything. Developers who try to learn everything fail. So it is advisable to be familiar with all technologies but be the master of one that is popular among the clients. As your experience increases your knowledge of other technologies will improve. Basic Design Capability Being a full stack developer you must have basic designing skills including prototype design UI design UX design etc. To become a good full stack designer you keep learning and enrich your skills in JavaScript HTML/CSS. Ensure to choose the right industry to follow the latest designing trends and technologies tools and patterns. Build a Strong Network Stay updated by building a strong network of peers online it’s the only way. Some of the great ways to join a community are through social media sites groups chat rooms and online forums. Having a part of these groups enables you to link up with people with similar interests and give instant access to various ways of thinking and advice if you stuck in coding anywhere. Get Practical Experience One of the most difficult and challenging part of becoming full stack developer is to have understanding of all required technologies like back-end programming HTML/CSS JavaScript databases and HTTP/REST. After gaining understanding it’s time to apply all your knowledge in a development task. Before started development ensure to know the use of the right data structure a proper way to structure code how host large media files and so on. No doubt one can get theory knowledge by reading blogs however it is must to implement theoretical knowledge to an actual web application to understand application architecture properly. It’s up to you To become a successful full-stack developer you have to need advanced learning of front-end and back-end technologies. It would be great to understand frontend and backend technologies more in-depth and apply all your understanding in your full stack development task. If you are interested in reading it will be advantageous to read blog related to full stack web development and software development. Even you can also join the best full stack Development Company or agile software development company to learn more technologies in detail.

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