IOT device monitoring in India

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Creative Micro Systems is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of IOT device monitoring in India


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LOT Device Monitoring and Manufacturers in India CMSGP has vast experience in developing Industrial IOT gateway manufacturers and for specific applications and has delivered end-to-end applications in record time. Be it industrial controls, sophisticated machines, vehicles, electricity / water / gas meters or even home appliances, CMSGP has delivered solutions by taking responsibility of one of more of hardware design, embedded development, cloud connectivity and smartphone accessibility! We provide you scalable solutions and flexible APIs support so that you


can quickly build and deliver custom loT applications to suit your needs. These IOT device have wide applications in retail automation, logistics automation, factory automation, building automation and security, oil, gas, power, energy sectors, etc.. Creative Micro Systems has built a strong / IoT ecosystem that covers: . Machine connectivity and data acquisition . Battery operated or electricity powered wireless modules . Mesh networking in the local device network . Data mining and presenting it in analytical reports . Smartphone connectivity


. Fleet Management . data-driven automation practices

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