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Creative Yogi - A professional Web Solution and Multimedia Production company in Bangalore, India, offering Website Solution Services, Multimedia Presentation, Video Production, 2d/3d Animation, SEO outsourcing services and more. See at:


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Website Maintenance Let the experts maintain your web store: Maintain Professionally Websites are very good for your business, enabling you to enter the huge online market. Launching a well designed website is one of the major steps for your business. However, creating a good website is not everything.  Every big step needs a follow up or else the momentum is lost. Why web maintenance is required? When a website is launched, it is essential that it should be maintained on a regular basis- whether weekly or monthly.  Because if a potential customer visiting your website sees that it has not been updated in months, he will begin to doubt your company’s position.  He clicks on a link and finds it broken- this makes your impression real bad. 

Website Design and Development:

Website Design and Development It determines how your website will look and function. The process of web design creation and management areas like content, navigation, structure is included into Website design and development. When someone is visiting your website, he is looking for the following things- Information about your business and organization Details about the product and services you offer Staff, infrastructure, accomplishments Contact details Option to give their own opinion and suggestions Create your own web store with easy development When you are thinking to make a good impression about your business through your website, you simply cannot go with a general standard web design or hire any average web development company to design your website. Why web designing is important?


Logo Design Get the Most Innovative and Creative Logo In order to build a corporate identity it is essential to design a business logo in the initial stage of starting your business. Without an effective brand identity it becomes almost impossible to reach to target customers or corporate clients. The logo gives an  identity to your brand and it truly reflects the corporate image. To make your brand more successful it is essential to execute the logo on all business collateral so that your brand can be easily recognizable.  Believe it or Not Logo is Important To compete in this highly competitive world, it is important that every business should possess a corporate logo. We can create a logo for you at  a reasonable price and offer unique and fresh corporate logo design. We have several packages depending on your needs and budget. Irrespective of any financial constraints we can assure you of a unique and attractive logo design that will help you build your brand image and increase your market share of business.


Flash Animation A Fantastic Way to Grab More Visitors Flash Animation is now gaining its importance in the global market and it is now considered as the best tool. It is the technique through which you can successfully add dynamic and influencing content to your project.  With the use of high technicalities, it is now possible to make: Low bandwidth World class quality 2D movie games. The software based on 2D Flash animation is widely in demand and it shows a new way in the world of animation and effects. With the proper implementation of Flash animation, you can easily produce a sense of interactivity. 2D animation that makes the use of flash technique is capable of delivering sophisticated presentations, simulations and stories.  It is really an amazing tool that adds feeling and generate excitement of the viewers.

Creative Yogi - Unique Solutions for Translating Success!:

Creative Yogi - Unique Solutions for Translating Success! With a decade’s experience, Creative Yogi have earned itself a name of belief in the minds of customers. We have excelled our performances in the world of media since our origin that has invited a lot of competitors in the market. Our service of providing smart solutions has gained worldwide popularity which includes vision, strategy, affordability and time saving targets and including much more. We have also won over the hearts of the corporate sectors with our exclusive quality. This is truly an award winning sensation that encourages us for introducing latest technologies into our service sector. Understanding the client’s need is what our team of professionals is expert at. This fact is said to be the building block of any market survival. After this initial step we decide which of the services would be inculcated to what extent. We always make a point to make them clear communication influenced. Then only it would be possible to make a turnover at the existing makeover. New identity! Believe in us!

Video Production Services:

Video Production Services Produce your videos and create an impact In these times of recession, companies are focusing on online business as a good online presence is the optimal way to expand business activities without incurring the costs and hassles that come with shifting the physical locations. But suppose your business does not have a big budget for advertising, getting online exposure then becomes quite challenging. Because of this reason many small to midsized businesses are taking help of SEO specialists to improve their websites’ ranking in search engine result pages, attracting and converting web traffic and other related services. While getting the right prospects to visit your website is the first and foremost thing, the next important thing is turning those prospects into customers by convincing them to make a purchase.  It is here where the SEO tactics of using strategic videos can give benefits. You also have the option to use full-scale Internet video production services, to use strategic website videos for your site.  If it is properly used you can expect the web videos to increase you sales and save your advertising and promotional budget. Using Videos


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