5 Types of Outdoor Water Fountains that Enhance the Beauty OF Your Bac

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5 Types of Outdoor Water Fountains that Enhance the Beauty OF Your Backyard :

5 Types of Outdoor Water Fountains that Enhance the Beauty OF Your Backyard


A garden is really incomplete without a beautiful outdoor water fountain. While flowerbeds plants and other green things do add to the beauty of the yard, there’s nothing like a stunning water feature that intensifies the aesthetic appearance of an outdoor area. The moving aspect of the fountain is very captivating for the eye, and helps to create a very serene and peaceful environment outdoors in your very own yard.


So, if you’re looking for some amazing outdoor water cascades, you need to make sure you pick the right ones that blend well with your backyard in terms of size, style and mood. Here are some prominent types of outdoor water features that can make your garden a very happening and inviting place:


1. Outdoor Wall Fountains These wall fountains offer elegance, beauty and serenity to your yard.


If you live in a highly humid region, then a wall fountain is just the right thing for you as it keeps the atmosphere cool and prevents humidity from rising.


Having a water feature can keep the moisture in the air, reducing the need of frequent watering the yard, flowers and plants.

2. Tiered Fountains:

2. Tiered Fountains These beauties work well for large and spacious gardens.


A tiered water feature in the center of the yard acts as a focal point, and creates a unique and extravagant feel around the garden.


Usually found in minimum 3-tiers, these also make great points of attraction for your front garden – it can also improve the value of your property.

3. Animal Fountains:

3. Animal Fountains


Made mostly of concrete, these animal waterfalls in your home or a public park is the perfect treat for nature lovers.


They are completely customizable to match your needs


Today, you can also get naturalistic faux stone animal water features for your yard.

4. Pedestal Fountain/Birdbath:

4. Pedestal Fountain/Birdbath


A pedestal water feature is one of the most common water fountains in most homes


The best thing about such a cascade is that it is space efficient and fits well in the smallest of yards.


It gives a very inviting and warm feel to any garden or area where it is installed.


Many homeowners often opt for pedestal waterfalls made out of faux concrete. This makes it easier to install and remove. Also, homeowners have a huge variety of options in terms of stone color, shape and size.

5. Heated waterfalls :

5. Heated waterfalls


Many heated water fountains also use solar power to run – which is a great way to save on electricity bills.


So these waterfalls not only work as a great visual treat, but is also functional for the winter months.


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