GDPR And Data Protection

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The PDF is about GDPR and Data Protection. Everyone who handle personal data within EU and any The PDF is about GDPR and Data Protection. Organisations outside and inside EU which offer goods or services to customers or businesses in the EU must have complied with GDPR to avoid unnecessary and hefty fines.


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GDPR and Data Protection

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+353 1 4 111011 The General Data Protection Regulation GDPR is a set of rule and regulation to protect the personal data such as name address and photos and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It provides general guidelines for collecting processing and to store data under EU law. The GDPR was adopted by the European Parliament and the Council on the 27 th of April 2016 and came into force on the 25 th of May 2018. it creates many new rights for individuals and new obligations for every organisations. So it is very essential for everyone who deals with the personal data to comply with GDPR. GDPR compliance which makes organisations document the processing ensure the lawfulness of processing document the existence of sufficient procedures provide information on security measures and to ensure that sufficient data processing agreements are in place. And which helps to secure your organisation from Information gets lost stolen from data breaches or otherwise released into the hands of people who were never intended to see it. Who does GDPR apply to Everyone who handle personal data within EU and any organisations outside of the EU which offer goods or services to customers or businesses in the EU must have compiled their organisation to GDPR is necessary. Two types of data handlers are there called processors and controllers also applies to data protection. GDPR compliance which helps your organisation to get a digital transformation which can save your business from millions of fines. There is a risk facing heavy fines for non- compliance amounting to €20 million or 4 of their global income whichever is more. Fines will depend on the severity of the breach and on whether the company is deemed to have taken compliance and regulations around security in a serious enough manner. Benefits for your organisation by complying with GDPR ● Better organised data all stored in one place ● Increased storage capabilities with Cloud-based servers ● Quicker to both find and retrieve files

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+353 1 4 111011 ● Ability to manage data more effectively ● Easier to share information/files between colleagues and across office locations ● Increased efficiencies/time savings for administrative staff ● Increased office space with less physical filing and ● Greater security for the personal data. The stability of an organisation mainly depends on the privacy of personal information of the clients. Protect your client data by losing it to someone which don’t have the right to handle it and save your assets from a large number of fines. Get a certified awareness course from any affiliated organisation and secure the data.

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