10 Funny Trophy Designs For Office Party Fun

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Funny or humour trophies used to award for extremely poor performance, last place holders and serious mistakes committed. Many organizations celebrate joke or fun events and distribute joke awards at the end of the event make it more than funny.


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10 Funny Trophy Designs For Office Party Fun:

10 Funny Trophy Designs For Office Party Fun


Introduction Funny or humour trophies used to award for extremely poor performance, last place holders and serious mistakes committed. Many organizations celebrate joke or fun events and distribute joke  awards  at the end of the event make it more than funny. In the trophy making industry, horse rear, toilets, bubblehead, and golden plungers are famous funny trophy ideas. However, the team at Olympia in Sydney is going to give some more ideas for your funny trophy purchase.

Horse's Ass Trophy:

Horse's Ass Trophy Horse’s Ass or Kick-Ass trophy idea is not new in gag  trophy industry , but demands for such trophies are great. Creating fun with sophistication among the cultured audience is an art and Olympia has mastery on it.  Horse's Ass Trophy

Novelty 'Bottom Place' Trophy Award:

Novelty 'Bottom Place' Trophy Award Bottom place trophy idea seems ugly at the first glace, but it is viable in gag trophy niche and used various public to private events or programs freely. Novelty 'Bottom Place' Trophy Award

Novelty Donkey Trophy Award:

Novelty Donkey Trophy Award Donkey always is a symbol of fun, whether it is a matter of adults or stories for the kids. Novelty Donkey Trophy award at Olympia is the most accepted fun award among corporate and clubs. It stands 140mm tall. Novelty Donkey Trophy Award

Excellence Mouse Trophy, 145mm:

Excellence Mouse Trophy, 145mm Mouse figure is the next thing to the donkey.  A mouse is a favorite character in many comic stories and jokes for all-age people. When mouse represents as a partial human figure with hands and legs, it creates the excellently funny look and “Excellent Mouse Trophy” at Olympia in Australia is an ideal example supporting the fun trophy idea. Excellence Mouse Trophy, 145mm

Apple Trophy, 150mm:

Apple Trophy, 150mm Apple trophy is a kind of fun trophy with a comic illustration. A painted Apple object has placed on the mouth of a decorated cup or mug. The glossy surface of the cup is reflecting the colour of reddish base at the bottom. An embossing plate for engraving seems attractive on the trophy. Apple Trophy, 150mm

Witch Trophy:

Witch Trophy A Witch is an integral part of our fairy tales and creates fun when presented as the Witch Trophy. It is 155mm tall and in golden colour. The figurine of Witch contains a Witch Cap on head and Witch Tools in her hands.  Witch Trophy

Math Wiz Rabbit Trophy:

Math Wiz Rabbit Trophy Math Wiz Rabbit Trophy has created originally for math wizard competitions, but it is an excellent candidate for funny trophy category. Olympia in Sydney has created a figurine of rabbit seating on a rounded plate and chamfered column with rings at the bottom. Sparkling golden colour rabbit surrounded with a ring of different mathematical numbers and formulas. Math Wiz Rabbit Trophy

Bobble Butt Donkey:

Bobble Butt Donkey Bobble Butt Donkey is a highly famous idea for humorous trophies for fun award. It features a back-end of a donkey is bobbling and wiggling, creating fun among the participants and audience. A pewter finishing of the figurine and base at the bottom makes it sober in look.  Bobble Butt Donkey

Ball Award:

Ball Award Testicle balls are an extremely ugly award for an awfully bad idea. Despite its ugliness, it is one of the funny trophies given in private and some semi-private parties a fun joke award.  Ball Award

Toilet Trophy:

Toilet Trophy Toilet trophy can give the highest shame to the winners who have got the last place or loss the target to perform in an appraisal program. It could be a great joke gift for private joke parties or an event in a private club. Shiny whitish resin trophy object of a flush toilet has seated on top of a completely dark black base attracting eyes at the first place. Toilet Trophy


Conclusion It is true that there is no greater reward than recognition, but the same award can teach recipients to correct the performance or mistakes next time and be active as well as positive to hit positive awards. Olympia  in Austria is a great place with a huge inventory of various trophies, awards,  medals ,  corporate gifts , and a lot of things for your corporate recognition program or boosting the morale of your players in the club. You can get the most competitive quote for your custom award or trophy requirements with the assurance of high-quality products and heart winning post-purchase services. Let’s initiate a talk about your next order.

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