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2 syllable adjectives describing behaviour


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Mr. Men:

Mr. Men

Mr. Men Activity:

Think of as many 2-­‐syllable adjectives that end in -­y as possible (hungry, thirsty, tidy, sunny, cloudy, etc.) Here are some examples: Noisy Busy Greedy Nosy / Nosey Grumpy Skinny Clumsy Funny Messy Lazy Happy Silly Mr. Men Activity

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Baggy Bossy Busy Cheesy Chilly Clumsy Creepy Curly Dirty Dodgy Early Fatty Fishy Fizzy Flirty Funny Fussy Fuzzy Groggy Grumpy Hairy Happy Hasty Healthy Horny Hungry Kinky Messy Nasty Naughty Nosy Petty Phoney Prickly Pushy Rowdy Scary Seedy Shiny Silly Skimpy Sleepy Soppy Spiky Sticky Stroppy Stuffy Tacky Tasty Thirsty Touchy‐ feely Ugly Wary Cheeky Cosy Dizzy Feisty Fluffy Greedy Handy Holy Lazy Noisy Pretty Saggy Sexy Skinny Sweaty Thrifty

PowerPoint Presentation:

Write all the Mr. Men’s names of scrap pieces of paper. Distribute them among students randomly. Ask students to write a short ‘Day in the life’ composition about their Mr. Man. Notes : • The composition should be in the present tense. ( He gets up very late. He doesn’t go to work. He sits on the sofa all day watching daytime TV. After lunch he has a three-­hour siesta , etc.) • Students must not use their Mr Man’s adjective in the composition. They should always refer to him as he . • Ask students to read out their compositions. Other students should listen and write down which Mr Man they think is being described. Extra activity

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