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What we’re looking for…..: 

What we’re looking for…..


Great shows !

The questions to ask yourself…?: 

The questions to ask yourself…? Do I understand it? Is it different ? Is it going to be good telly? Would I watch it ? Does it have drama, surprise, jeopardy, warmth, humanity…. What’s in it for the audience? Has it universal appeal? Is it resources and budget efficient ? Is it in touch with today….

…and the biggest question…: 

…and the biggest question… Is it entertaining….?

The slots:: 

The slots: RTÉ One Sundays 18.30 RTE One Sundays 20.30 RTÉ One - Events and one offs RTÉ One Thursdays 22.15 RTE Two Mondays/Tuesdays

RTÉ ONE Sunday 18:30: 

RTÉ ONE Sunday 18:30 Duration 50’ mins. This has become a broad appeal family slot, with “You’re a Star” and “Celebrity Jigs and Reels”. We seek new additions to these brands, the next generation of shows that feel inclusive and warm, but at the same time modern and bold; lively shows for all the family that contain humour, jeopardy, talking points as well as competitive production values and clever use of the television medium. These may be original ideas or adapted international formats, or the format can derive from a mix of genres, reality, comedy or game show. Thought should be given to an interactive element. Suggestions for presenter or presenters should be included in the submission. Transmission: RTÉ ONE, Sunday 18:30 No. of Episodes/Duration: 6 x 50’ Budget:   €130,000 per show

RTÉ ONE Sunday 20:30 : 

RTÉ ONE Sunday 20:30 Duration 25 mins. This slot has been occupied by entertainment, most successfully with “Killinaskully” and “You’re a Star – Results” We seek proposals, either studio or EFP, for this highly competitive slot. At this pre watershed time, they must be broadly based, either original or based on a successful format. We want to broaden the style and range of programming for this slot while retaining the core family audience viewership. Can you capitalise on new technology, tap into what entertains children and adults in Ireland 2007 and deliver a strong, returnable anchor show? Suggestions for presenter or presenters should be included in submissions. Transmission: RTÉ One, Sunday 20.30 No. of Episodes/Duration: 10 x 25’ Budget: €80, 000 per show

RTÉ ONE, Thursdays 22:15 : 

RTÉ ONE, Thursdays 22:15 Duration 25’ This has become a successful entertainment slot, with series like “Hanging With Hector” and “Ryan Confidential”. Also, we have recently commissioned “Class Clowns” for the slot, from the last commissioning round. This is where well known comedians return to their old schools to perform and reminisce. We are inviting new ideas for programming at this time of the evening, personality driven and engaging. The budget is in the region of € 40,000 - € 50, 000 per episode. Transmission: Thursdays, 22:15 No. of Episodes/Duration: 6 x 25’ Budget: €50,000 per episode

One-off and event TV : 

One-off and event TV This type of programming is featuring more and more in schedules around the world, both as single shows and short series. On RTÉ One, “Ireland’s Richest” achieved a very significant share last December. We are looking for one-off hour or longer shows that are self contained. These should attempt to be bold and become talking points and be aimed at the widest possible audience. As well as one or one and a half hour programmes, we also seek proposals for more ambitious projects, spread over two or more days, that can be multi platform.

RTÉ TWO – Comedy and Entertainment Mondays and Tuesdays 21:30: 

RTÉ TWO – Comedy and Entertainment Mondays and Tuesdays 21:30 This slot, powered by Des Bishop, the Naked Camera team and Anonymous, has become one of the defining successes of RTÉ Two. In varying degrees, these shows have taken humour and used it creatively to look at ourselves. They have shown a sure touch in relating to their audience. There is an opportunity and challenge for producers to bring us the next generation of irreverent, bold programming. Is it also worth considering an approach to taking existing talent, as was done in this case with Podge and Rodge, and redeveloping them in another context? Is there other talent out there that can be similarly developed? Are there other formats that can be revisited and a new spin put on them? There are opportunities on RTÉ Two for producers to be innovative and imaginative in their approach to slots. The style of show we are looking at could be a scripted comedy format or a constructed reality format. While many regulars are returning to RTÉ Two, we have a range of slots available for new talent and new formats:


Hidden camera and ‘street’ shows: Following the success of “Naked Camera” and “Anonymous”, we are looking for renewable, comedy driven, irreverent series of 25’ shows. These would be in the region of €50,000 per show.

RTÉ Two…: 

RTÉ Two… Scripted comedy We intend to continue to commission more of this genre. We already have a series in production, “The English Teacher”, and one in development. This output will have a budget of approximately € 80, 000 per half hour.


Lower cost output Following the continued success of “Just for Laughs”, and shows in the past like “The Blizzard of Odd”, we seek effective lower budget output. This would be talent and/or script led and may involve creative use of existing footage, on line and archive material. The budget would be in the region of € 30,000 to € 40,000 per episode. Transmission: RTÉ TWO, Mondays/Tuesdays, 21:30 No. of Episodes: 6 x 30’ Budget: Variable, depending on the project.

RTE Two: 

RTE Two Shorts During the last year we have opened up a new front with series of 9’ shows, like “Dan and Becs” and “Soupy Norman”. We have commissioned “Langerland” from the last round and we are interested in proposals to continue this successful vein. Transmission: RTÉ Two, late night No. of episodes/duration 10 x 9’ Budget: € 15, 000 per episode


Remember…. It’s TV Keep it simple Think multi platform

Good luck….: 

Good luck….

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