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Is Social Irresponsibility Alive and Well?Roger ClarkeXamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, CanberraVisiting Fellow, Dept of Computer Science, ANUVisiting Professor, CSIS, Uni. of Hong Kong, .ppt}ISOC-AU ‘Designing the Future’ Event 3 December 2002: 

Is Social Irresponsibility Alive and Well? Roger Clarke Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Canberra Visiting Fellow, Dept of Computer Science, ANU Visiting Professor, CSIS, Uni. of Hong Kong .../II/SocRespISOC02(.html, .ppt} ISOC-AU ‘Designing the Future’ Event 3 December 2002

Tony Hill – Introduction: 

Tony Hill – Introduction What Tony Mentioned 'Always on' 'Instant Access to Facilities' 'The market has driven standards' 'The IETF is open' What Tony Didn’t Mention Crackability (security) Trackability (privacy) Instance Access by Facilities to You Market failure occurs continually. Consumers have very little power, and at best highly indirect influence But only if people want to hear your hum

David ArnoldThe Internet Standards Process: 

David Arnold The Internet Standards Process What David Mentioned 'Social issues get lost' 'IETF Goals include tech excellence, and openness, fairness' 'The IETF is open, and works really well' 'The IETF doesn’t do apps much any more' What David Didn’t Mention 'Social issues: Get Lost!' 'IETF Goals include social betterment, across nations, languages and cultures' If you (a) know it’s happening, (b) can find the RFCs, IDs, lists, (c) are highly technically capable, and (d) are an insider whose hum has high street-cred IT industry alliances do, and they ignore social impacts too

Graeme Allen – ENUM: 

Graeme Allen – ENUM What Graeme Mentioned 'Because it’s based on reg exps, it’s flexible' 'It’s important that it returns a list' 'We need to find controls over farming and hence spamming' 'Technical issues are dwarfed by financial and spam concerns' What Graeme Didn’t Mention Because it’s based on reg exps, it’s unpredictably and frighteningly powerful That’s one view among several Consumer risks matter, but nowhere near as much as threats to social and democratic values If Iu and you ignore social issues, everyone else will too

John Barlow – IPv6: 

John Barlow – IPv6 What John Mentioned 'There’s plenty of namespace, so every device can have a routable address' What John Didn’t Mention There’s enough space for the NIC ID to be the IP-Address That covers Bluetooth-style Personal Area Networks, and even chips in garments The world doesn’t need to talk to my fridge. I do (maybe) An IP-Address makes my fridge and key-ring easy targets Heirarchy is natural. It enables consent and opt-in, through proxies (3rd party, or own)

The Eternal Optimism of the Technocrathas dominatedThe Scepticism of the Scientist: 

The Eternal Optimism of the Technocrat has dominated The Scepticism of the Scientist

Conventional Ostrich-Engineer Perspective: 

Conventional Ostrich-Engineer Perspective Layer Focus Responsibility 9 Religion Popes, Mullahs 8 Politics Governments (??) Lost Implications Anyone But Me 7 Applications Industry 1-6 Technology IETF

Engineer’s Responsibilities: 

Engineer’s Responsibilities { Technology, Applications, Implications } Did I say ‘solve it!’ ? No ! Public Debate: Anticipate It Don’t Avoid It Ensure It Takes Place Inform It Stimulate It

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