How to Select a Contract Packager


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How to select a contract packager and choose the correct packaging services for you.


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Contract Packaging

How To Select a Contract Packager:

How To Select a Contract Packager Step 1: Locate Contract Packagers Step 2: The Telephone Survey Step 3: Written Vendor Survey Step 4: On-Site Visit and Audit Step 5: Final Evaluation

Pre-Qualify Contract Packagers :

Pre-Qualify Contract Packagers Location Referrals Experience Equipment Cost Good Communication Controls Financial Strength Personality Standards Size Quality Years in Business Full-Time Staffing Conflict of Interests Strong Ethics

The Internet:

The Internet Search for “packaging services”, “ contract packaging ”, “contract packagers”, or “contract packaging services” instead of “ packaging ” which is too broad of a search term. Better still would be to search for specific keyword phrases that include the service you require or location you desire (i.e. “shrink wrapping in Memphis”).

Other Sites:

Other Sites

The Telephone Survey :

The Telephone Survey Location of Facility Size of Facility Hours of Operation Similar Projects or Similar Past Experiences Similar Existing Customers or Projects Turnkey Opportunities Available Inventory Control Systems Degree of Automation Hold Special Licenses or Certificates Years in Operation Core Specialty or Core Businesses Top 5 Clients

Written Vendor Survey:

Written Vendor Survey ISO, GMP, AIB Status and Documentation Organization Chart Mission Statement Safety Record Proof of Insurance Financial Statement

On-Site Visit and Audit:

On-Site Visit and Audit Is the facility clean and well organized? Is there adequate staffing? Are there adequate procedures and systems in place to meet the expectations of your company? Are the procedures documented and can the staff clearly explain them?

Final Evaluation:

Final Evaluation Quality Standards Production Capacity Project Pricing Customer Lists Equipments Lists Customer Referrals Management Team Industry Associations

Aaron Thomas:

Aaron Thomas 1-714-894-4468

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