Introduction to spatial technologies

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QUT pre service Geography, September 2011.


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Simple Spatial Technologies : 

Simple Spatial Technologies University of Queensland, October 2012

Concept of Space : 

Concept of Space Between? Which way? How far? Where? How long? How close?

Slide 12: 

Any technology that answers a ‘where’ question

What Are Spatial Technologies? : 

What Are Spatial Technologies? GIS GPS Remote Sensing

GIS : 


GIS : 

GIS GIS allows us to view layers of information as well as information that is embedded in each layer

Questions : 

Questions Where along our waterway are nitrates and phosphates concentrated? How many blocks of land will be affected by a 2m flash flood? Where can weeds be found around the school? What areas of the city experience higher levels of CO2?

Remote Sensing : 

Remote Sensing

Why Spatial Technologies? : 

Why Spatial Technologies?

Why Use GIS in Class? : 

Why Use GIS in Class? Problem-solving skills Field skills Teamwork and collaboration Train-the-trainer Relevance

Why Use GIS in Class? : 

Why Use GIS in Class? Bloom’s Taxonomy (revised 2001) Andrew Churches at Educational Origami incorporates ICTs Consider which taxanomical level(s) you wish to cover with the tools

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Contour Education

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