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Welcome to Mozilla Thundeerbird Help :

Welcome to Mozilla Thundeerbird Help

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Thunderbird is that service provider which offers offline access to its user. It not only provides display and sort messages by size but also grants the user to discover what you as a person acknowledges spam with its adaptable junk mail filter so to set up this software the user needs to follow some steps. If you face any difficulties regarding setting up of your Mozilla Thunderbird account, then contact thunderbird support numbe r for assistance and help .   How to Setup Mozilla Thunderbird

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The essential fundamental step is to install and download Thunderbird . Now proceed to the "Tools" menu option. Next tap on "Account Settings." option . Follow it by Choosing "Email account" in the Account Wizard option. Tap "Next." for the further procedure .   Steps to Setup Mozilla Thunderbird

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Now insert your email ID and name in the suitable box and then tap "Next." The email address is the primary service you manage to transfer and accept emails. Now type in your password. If you have trouble signing in your account then chances are that you might have forgot Thunderbird password. Try to retrieve it by clicking on “forgot password” and following the steps prompt it.

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Prefer the choice "Post Office Protocol (POP)" or "Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)" for your incoming server. Nominate your server by nature of the kind you select, POP is "," and IMAP is "" Now tap "Next .“ POP is designed to collect messages in a local file on the user's system. IMAP solely reaches the emails from the remote server. Most of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) frequently hold POP over IMAP . Now you have to enter your email address for the "Incoming User Name" and "Outgoing User Name." and then tap "Next.”

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Enter the name of your email account and then tap "Next." Next tap "Finish" once you have validated all the data and make a conclusion that it is correct . Immediately choose "Outgoing Server" in the "Account Settings" menu option . Next open "" in the "Server Name" field. (SMTP) mostly is applied to relay emails out to remote servers. Most email services have an "SMTP relay" choice, which provides the service to acquire and send out any emails assigned to it . Also, click on "Username and password." choose your email address in the "Username" field and now click "OK."

Contact Thunderbird Support Number:

Contact Thunderbird Support Number It is possible that the user might face issues in setting up of their account therefore they can contact the Thunderbird support number or connect to the website “ contactforhelp ” for any further queries and questions.

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