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DNS helps you to find your lost national insurance number get in touch with us. For more information you can explore our website DNS Accountants.


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What Is National Insurance Number :

What Is National Insurance Number National insurance number is a unique code. It is your personal account number. Anyone who works or studies in the UK requires an NI Number.

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If you were born in the UK You should have received a national insurance number card around your 16th birthday. If you living in UK at the present time then your card looks like credit card and shows your national insurance number. You can also be able to trace your natioanl insurance number on P60 forms End of certificate: P45 employee leaving details: letter the inland revenue sent you.

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What? If You Lose Your National Insurance Number If you lose your national insurance number or card but have used the number for any existing or current employment, you're able to find it on your tax return , pay-slip or P60. Unless you can contact with phone to the national insurance helpline You will be asked a few inquiries to confirm your identity. In the event that you can answer these questions correctly, HMRC will send your National Insurance number by post.

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And if you lost or forgotten your NI number, The easiest way is official paperwork like: A Pay-slip. A photocopy of your annual Self-Assessment tax return. P60 (end of year tax statement, given to you by your employer).

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