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Ruby On Rails:

Ruby On Rails By Alexandra Constantinou, Wardah Mir, Filimon Anca & Cezara Tudoran

Introduction to Ruby on Rails:

Introduction to Ruby on Rails “Ruby is a framework creating applications with interfaces to databases” Ruby on Rails for Dummies It is based on an application called Basecamp Examples of companies using it out of a total of 72 organisations are: Externally: Internally: Yellow Pages Twitter Groupon Living Social Scribd Street Easy Urban Dictionary Shopify Hp Intel Nasa

The Situation Passmore University::

The Situation Passmore University: T here are many existing computer systems in the university, however, the new information systems are going to replace the old ones. T he new system will have a 3-tier architecture, allowing some existing, large Oracle databases to be incorporated into the new system . The new system will need to work on the extensive network of PCs, which are already installed at the university, to support administration activities and be used to deliver information to various user communities.

Systems Requirements of Passmore University:

Systems Requirements of Passmore University Passmore University wishes to create: A profile for each student, which can be built up during their time at university . It will need to show the student’s progress through university, from the time they first applied, following through to the end of their degree program . The system needs to be both an academic record and an administrative record

The Administrative and Academic Records: :

The Administrative and Academic Records: Administrative Record: Academic Record: Fee status, may be linked with the Student Finance site Student Accommodation record Student contact details (Examination departments and any other department with which the student is registered will need access to information) Module signup Exam Check, where, when, what Exam result check Results achieved for every module – accumulating to a full study transcript Record of all exam results Record of all dealings with the university

What is the technology:

What is the technology What is Ruby on Rails? Ruby on Rails is a web developing software which acts as template for designers to construct different types of web applications. It is commonly known for its ability to perform tasks monotonously, without the need for user input. There are two key characteristics of RoR that make it unique; CoC and REST.

Characteristics of Ruby on Rails:

Characteristics of Ruby on Rails CoC REST ‘Convention over Configuration’ – Eliminates the need for generating new codes, unless the application being constructed requires a completely different code, one that is different to the standard. This increases level of productivity. ‘Representational State Transfer’ – This is a structure which acts like a skeleton for application designing. Mainly used for applications that are used quite frequently by customers. REST is a user friendly application which provides a coordinated chronological structure which is easy to follow and can be opened up as an application programming interface.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails:

Advantages of Ruby on Rails Advantages of Ruby on Rails Disadvantages of Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is comparatively faster than all other programming languages, which is good, as developers don’t waste time rewriting codes. Easier to switch between projects because the codes used are similar, hence less chances of confusion. It i s a very simplistic programming language that is written in a logical manner. It is straightforwardly readable, which makes the need for annotating codes/adding comments ineffective. Rails is inefficient: it uses a lot of memory Needs more application servers Not all websites can support the Rails language It is not as well known as other programming languages such as Java of PHP, as it is fairly new.

Comparing Ruby to other programming languages:

Comparing Ruby to other programming languages “Downloaded at least 500,000 x in its 2 nd year” – showing its popularity It’s mailing list receives 100’s of notes a day compared to dozens on the most popular web development frameworks in other languages It takes less than 10 minutes to completely back and validate a database.

Rails compared to Java:

Rails compared to Java Rails is modern in comparison It supports many paradigms, unlike Java which only supports OOP The older version of ruby was slower to run, and required a greater amount of memory than Java, however this has improved slightly. Java has a broader base of support (for legacy technologies) Java has a “greater standard library”

Rails compared to Java:

Rails compared to Java

What is a three tier architecture:

What is a three tier architecture The three tier architecture is a client server architecture which contains three key elements: Presentation A pplication Processing Data M anagement The three tiers actually separate the user interface, the functional process and the data storage and access. By separating them in this way, the tiers can be maintained and developed as separate modules, which means that any of the layers can be altered or modified without affecting the whole application.

The three tier architecture:

The three tier architecture

How ruby can relate to the requirements- part 1 :

How ruby can relate to the requirements- part 1 Sign in application, securing student privacy System with two parts- one used by students to submit personal information and one used by an administrator to manage new data Making relevant information accessible to multiple departments Upload files (pictures for student id, marking schemes etc.) ActiveRecord - perfect for creating/editing/updating/deleting a student profile

How ruby can relate to the requirements- part 2 :

How ruby can relate to the requirements- part 2 Data validation- make sure student e-mail address and personal details are valid Data storage in tables, making it much easier for the university to find a particular student record Update data- perfect for a report build up over the years

Recommendations and Conclusions:

Recommendations and Conclusions Timetable check Access to student email Access to a student forum Access to tutor contact information Links to student union Registration to GP – health record Avertisement for student job vacancies Online bookshop – 2 nd hand books



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