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International Business’ need for Languages ; the Perspective of a UK Based, International Company Beverley Salt Vice President, Strategic Planning

My Background: 

My Background International baccalaureate Cambridge linguist Lived and worked in : Germany, France Portugal 26 years in industry My ‘World’ French Boss; American CEO Direct reports are Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian


AstraZeneca…… A global, innovation based pharmaceuticals company Turnover - $23 billion - 95% outside the UK 65,000 employees worldwide 11,000 in the UK based in Cheshire, Loughborough, Luton

Our need… compete globally: 

Our need… compete globally ‘Technical’ excellence ‘Leadership’ excellence ‘Global’ excellence – including language skills and ability to work effectively with different cultures


Pharma industry recruitment Science Graduates Science School leavers Education and Skills “Iceberg” Technical Perspective Post-Graduates In Science

STEM Task Force: 

STEM Task Force Membership Membership of the Task Force reflects ABPI membership and business sectors (Pharma, CROs, SMEs);- Expertise Research and Development Manufacturing Experimental Medicine Clinical research Education in schools and colleges Task Force Team Dr Aileen Allsop – AstraZeneca (Chair) Mr Mike Best - Wyeth Dr Paul Brooker - Huntingdon Life Sciences Dr Mike Collis - Pfizer Professor Bill Dawson - Bionet Dr Pablo Fernandez - Pharmanet Professor Graham McClelland - Roche Mrs Kay Roberts - GlaxoSmithKline Dr Keith Suckling - GlaxoSmithKline Mrs Jackie Wilbraham – AstraZeneca Mrs Sarah Jones, Head of Education, ABPI Dr Philip Wright, Director of Science and Technology, ABPI

Weaknesses were identified in core science graduate training;-: 

Weaknesses were identified in core science graduate training;- Issues across a variety of degree courses;- Mathematics Practical Experience Exposure to in vivo work Chemistry Communication Modular Degrees Computational Analysis


The way forward for example; Curriculum Possible initiatives include;- Diploma in science Focus on key skills shortages eg chemistry, clinical researchand in vivo sciences Pro-active dialogue around industry needs and opportunities Exploration of existing and novel approaches to boost academic activity and investment on a shared platform

Leadership excellence: 

Leadership excellence ‘Jobs will be left unfilled because of a lack of graduates with the necessary skills’* Team working Communication skills Presentation skills Innovative thinking * Survey of the top 222 companies in the UK (February 2006) Encourage project work, team work with presentations, leadership activities in education.

Global excellence: 

Global excellence “…If I can choose between a graduate with language skills or without… …one who has experienced other cultures, or not…”

AstraZeneca Commercial: 

AstraZeneca Commercial Justine French National German English Examples of Recent Recruits Florian German National English Spanish Extensive Travellers Francisco Mexican National Spanish English French Yvonne Chinese National Mandarin English

Being beaten at our own Beautiful Game: 

Being beaten at our own Beautiful Game José Marinho Manager of Chelsea Raphael Benitez Manager of Liverpool Arsene Wenger Manager of Arsenal Martin Jol Manager of Tottenham Hotspur Portuguese French Spanish Dutch Currently No British Manager Manages a European Team

Bring the Benefits of Languages to Life !: 

Bring the Benefits of Languages to Life ! ……And Introduce language / other culture in a way which is relevant and fun! e.g: - School Partnering (‘Global Gateway’) - Town / Community partnering - ‘Olympic’ Links - Applied courses : School and Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE)….with relevant language - Teach subject(s) in another language - Business links

At an International Reunion for Children…….: 

At an International Reunion for Children……. …… ……My son asked ‘Mum, why can they all speak English, but I can’t speak with them?’ Stephen Jullien, August 2006

For Britain to compete it needs ‘globally competitive graduates’…: 

For Britain to compete it needs ‘globally competitive graduates’… Develop excellence in selected fields (depth as well as breadth) Engage with industry stakeholders Build team work / leadership development into training Foster languages alongside – and / or international experience in HE / FE Build languages effectively into the school curriculum

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